BI(Business Intelligence) Business intelligence , It's a complete solution , Used to effectively integrate existing data in the enterprise , Provide reports quickly and accurately and provide decision basis
, Help enterprises make wise business decisions . It's a product / service , This product / Services may contain reports , analysis , Management, etc. the use of computers and programming techniques to automate the behavior of some business processes
. For example : A report made by a fruit shop owner using business intelligence or dashboard Observe the flow of people in your shop , Purchase volume , Purchase time , Adjust your inventory and sales rhythm in time .
People who were in business before , Rely on intuition and experience . Now with the help of a computer , Data analysis can be used to reduce trial and error , Reduce the cost of wrong decisions , Understand why business is good . And business intelligence will do it all , Automate and simplify as much as possible

Data analysis is just a tool ( A systematic way to analyze problems ), It can be simple or complicated .

* A simple example : Most of the people who buy my products through analysis come from Beijing , Beijing is the city where my main consumers live .
* Examples of complex points : Establishing mathematical model by using statistical method . I want to 100000 Find out among people 100 Customers who are more likely to buy my products , By using logistic
regression To find these people in mathematical modeling .
No matter what your business model looks like , You use mathematical methods , Using data to prove your hypothesis can be called data analysis . So the profession of Data Analyst , It's a way of using mathematics , People who use data to prove assumptions .

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