1, install vue2 Scaffolding
(1), stay cmd Enter scaffold installation command in command line ;
(2), Global installation vue Scaffolding :npm install -g vue-cli Or specify version :npm i vue-cli@2.9.6 -g;
(3), After installation , input :vue -V The corresponding version number appears , The installation is successful ;
(4), Unloading scaffold :npm uninstall -g vue-cli;
2, Construction project
(1), Initialize project :vue init webpack myProject;
(2), Enter project :cd myProject;
(3), Launch project :npm run dev ( If you download someone else's project , Dependency needs to be installed first npm install);
(4), Pack and go online :npm run build
If the project does not automatically open the browser , take config In the folder index.js In file autoOpenBrowser Set to true;
The route has hash and history pattern , stay new Router In the object of mode To set ; The default is hash pattern
3,vue-cli3 Scaffold installation
(1), If installed 1.x perhaps 2.x Version of scaffolding , Need to uninstall first ;
(2), Installation of scaffolding :npm install -g @vue/cli
(3), After installation , input :vue -version View version , Corresponding version appears 3.x The installation is successful ;
(4), Initialize project :vue create myApp;
(5), Select configuration , General selection manual configuration , Choose according to your own needs , Do not select default configuration ;
(6), Enter project :cd myApp;
(7), Launch project :npm run serve(yarn serve);
(8), Pack and go online :npm run build;

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