lately , Your circle of friends is definitely being tweeted ——《 monthly income 5 Ten thousand Xierqi people teach you how to live like a monthly salary 5 thousand 》 It's been swiped .

We programmers are recognized as high-income groups , But most programmers are always low-key and plain . just as 《 Xierqi 》 What the article says , Fifty thousand white-collar workers a month , It looks low key , Open the neckline and have a look , In fact, it's all tens of thousands of big brands . And 50, 000 programmers a month , It looks like Taobao , Open the neckline and have a look , Maybe it's really Taobao .

There are many netizens who don't understand this , Make so much money , Why not spend it ?

There's a big problem with over ten million views in Zhihu —— Why there are few rich programmers on the Internet ? There are more than two thousand answers to this question , Some of the answers are very interesting .


One old programmer said , I posted a picture in my circle of friends , Top match MacBook Pro Plus dual large screen display ,HHKB keyboard , Plus Beats
Earphones and all kinds of genuine handmade products on the table , It's very rich , But he only reaped such things as “ So many screens , Too much radiation , take care ” Comments of this kind


Some friends of programmers think , I work hard every day , It's hard money , Their work is in direct proportion to the return , So I don't feel rich .

Some friends think , When I'm really in the programmer's circle , Only to find out that it's really someone out there, someone out there , So even if you really have the idea of showing off your wealth, you can't do it .

however , Do you think we are willing to spend money ? Tens of thousands of dollars worth of headphones ! Five or six digit electronic equipment can be swiped !

Tens of thousands of brand clothes , Even hundreds of thousands of luxury cars , Programmers can't afford it , It's just , These things are in our eyes , It's not worth the price !

There are always some people who laugh at us programmers who wear a few hundred dollar submachine suit for several years , A computer bag with a Swiss Army knife on its back all the year round .

But these two things , For us , It's really practical ! Because we don't have to waste time worrying about what we wear every day , You don't have to think about whether your bags and clothes match , And then we have more time to write code ~ Hey, hey, hey

Tens of thousands of pieces of electronic equipment , Tens of thousands of headphones , Some people don't seem to need it at all , But in the hands of programmers , These things can make the most of their value , It's worth buying !

Just as good steel is used on the blade , Your money , Be sure to spend on the most useful things for you !

Now , Programmers pursue less but better , The practical view of consumption is accepted by more and more people , Seeing the double 11 Shopping Festival coming , There must be a lot of goods on sale in your shopping cart , But the double eleven rules of major platforms are complex , A great variety of goods , It's easy to pick the eyelet , One careless , It's easy to buy things you can't use , When it comes to saving money , You're spending money again .

seckill , home purchase restrictions , Red envelopes , Deposit expansion , Shop voucher / Full coupon reduction …… Former double 11 It's about hand speed and net speed , This year's double 11 I need to work on intelligence and arithmetic . Although programmers have high intelligence , but
It took so long , calculation 2 hour , save 5 Yuan ???

It's the most brain burning pair in history 11, Finally, I found an unusual Qingliu ——

  Strict selection of Netease

Unlike other e-commerce companies , Netease and strict selection 11 The rules are very simple , full-court 8 fracture ! Simple and rough , Buy it if you like , No double counting .

Xiaobian goes through it with all his heart , Select a few good products that are very suitable for our friends , Let's go !

01 Multifunctional private massage chair

This massage chair is just a programmer's relaxation artifact !

As a programmer , Working overtime is just a routine , It's too long to sit every day , iREHAB Back Pain ?

You need a multifunctional private massage chair

This multifunctional massage chair adopts simulation massage technology , It can simulate real person rubbing , Free mastery of strength , Let the body adapt better , It's like a goddess massaging me every day !

Think about it. It's a little exciting ~ Hey, hey, hey

This massage chair comes from an e-commerce brand with high quality and good price , original price 1999 element , During the double 11, as long as 1599.2 element .

02 Decompression massage lumbar  

As a programmer , Sedentary every day , Backache is a small thing , in the course of time , cervical vertebra , The lumbar spine is affected , Ruined my health for a job , What can I do ?

At this time , You need a stress relief massage .

This decompression massage waist rest adopts the real person simulation massage technique , Intelligent heating system , It can effectively relieve muscle tension , Accelerate blood circulation , It's definitely a programmer's decompression tool .

Original price of this relief artifact 269, During the double 11, as long as 215.2 element

03 Shaft pressing artifact —— Multifunctional ergonomic swivel chair

Facing the computer every day , The most important thing is comfortable chair , The chairs are not comfortable , No matter how good the peripherals are , At this time , You need a multifunctional ergonomic swivel chair !

This swivel chair is ergonomically designed , Perfect fit for back curve , Satisfy different people's different sitting posture , The angle of the waist and buttock is also extremely suitable , To support the waist as well as the back , Make you comfortable after sitting for a long time .

With this swivel chair , Xiaobian just wants to add another class ···

Original price of this multifunctional ergonomic swivel chair 1399 element , During the double 11, as long as 1119.2 element !!!

last , Attach a key recommendation of the whole audience 8 Folded goods list , click 【 Read the original 】 Enjoy simplicity 11.11 bar !


click 【 Read the original 】 Enjoy simplicity 11.11 bar !

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