I wonder if you will agree with me , Something will come to mind recently . Something about code . Everyone has a selfish side , And it's really hard to be selfless . Familiar words , Church disciples starve master . I've seen some people fighting for code , I don't know if these things are sad or sorry , It's chilling to hear it . It's better to keep the technology open ? This question sometimes confuses me . Code is not something to show off , Everyone who likes to type code knows it , The charm of code far exceeds its application value .

When you're confused about writing a puzzle , When you're excited about a code , When you stay up late writing code , It's a feeling that only through experience can we understand the joy that code gives us , And this joy becomes a part of our memories .  Writing code is a habit , It's also fun . Each line of code , It feels like building cells , Our bodies are boiling , Our spirit , Our ideas are growing with this passion .

  I learned programming for a while , Always hope to share some good things , Due to personal capacity constraints , Which eventually led to the miscarriage of many works . In the process of work and study , Know how to share and find another self , But it's really hard to find people with similar aspirations . Mountains are made for running water , And the water flows for the mountains .
Have seen some movies of Bruce Lee , From this, you will get some sense of life and work , If you want to create your own knowledge, you must absorb the advantages of hundreds of schools , Remove clutter , To integrate into their own system concept , And these philosophies have a profound impact on our generation .

  But selflessness , It really takes a long time , Maybe a day or two , Maybe a year , Or a lifetime . Teach all your skills to your opponents , Let them find their weakness and attack themselves to improve themselves . The process can be painful , But the memory is deep . A word from Gulong , The thicker, the more painful , Pain deepened , The more memories .


   A long time , A long time . Need to wait for the coming . Learning requires a comprehensive mind . Code will grow with programmers .

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