As a member of Huawei's China mobile operator Department in Guangzhou 9 Months of outsourcers talk about the experience . Working place: Radio, television and science and technology building, Tancun . Huawei outsourcing here is TM pattern , By leasing employees from outsourcing companies to work in Huawei office space . Huawei's regular employees here are no more than 10%, Most of them are management . A small number of regular employees SE, development , test .
Regular employees go to work on Saturday , Outsourcing weekend . Very ironic .
Most of them are outsourced employees , The badge is yellow . So you don't feel like a second-class citizen here , Because most people are outsourcing . Overtime here is mainly based on compensatory leave , Work overtime for one day on Saturday and Sunday , One day off in the future . You can get overtime pay in a few cases .

Some of the regular employees were opened , Then the person and the outsource sign the contract and do the same thing in the same place . The outsourcing job number is wx,kf start . among kf It means that this person at least from 09 I've been here since .

There's only eBay and softcom left here .
EBay is responsible for the billing project . Softcom in charge CRM project . EBay is significantly stronger than softlink , You can push your resume directly to the system . And softlink needs to show Huawei personnel first . This leads to softlink and eBay contacting people at the same time , Yi Baoxian calls the candidates for an interview .
Because eBay's don't need to be audited by Huawei .

Huawei's information security red line , Entrance is not allowed for electronic equipment other than mobile phones . include U Disk and other storage media . Otherwise, it will be regarded as information security violation . You can visit CSDN, Blog Park and other websites , Can use Baidu ,
Google . Some information can be found . Some pages can't be opened . allow access to github.
That means you can github Download code above . Huawei has a lot of information in its own internal community .PDF,doc have everything that one expects to find . But , Actually, it's not very useful . It's all up to you .
I used to have nothing to do at work , I study at work Java,Redis. Because the task was completed ahead of time . This is China Mobile's project , Projects in monopoly industries . So it's very leisurely .

First half month , Because it takes time to apply for virtual machine . So you read books with pay every day . Very leisurely . Now it's changed to Lenovo's security PC.
See the configuration I7+16G Memory and SSD . When I left , Changing . So I didn't use this advanced configuration . I wonder if there is such a long time for you to rest now . In addition, there is a safety self inspection every month , Fill in the form . Very speechless . And the information security exam . Code specification test, etc . And information security meetings .

There's a mentoring system here , Mentors will take you on projects . The tutor has a hole . Very irresponsible . If your mentor is not responsible , Either change mentors or plan to get stuck . Two months after entry , There will be a reply . Examine your understanding of the business . But there will be a second chance . In the third month . I didn't reply for the first time , Because of the pit . I didn't make anything . And then the second defense didn't come to an end . Because I can finish the project . Then there's no need to answer .

The only advantage is that you can know the development process of a large project . Write requirements - Clarify requirements - development - Transfer test - test . Because the project is too large , Basically business first , Understand business is the first , development if
else That's enough . The one next to me used to Java development , Here we are C++ development . You can think about it , How simple is this development .Java Easy to get started C++. How about a batch business ,
Maybe one more C++ Class of .

This is flexible work , You know :“ Don't play at work , Off duty play . Only later in the night . Working hours are 8:30-18:00,12:00-13:30 noon break ,
18:00-18:30 Dinner time , Excluding working hours . At the latest 9:30 reach . Average daily needs 8 hour . Otherwise, the salary will be deducted . As a development, there will be no shortage of working hours .
9:30 Morning meeting , Because of agile development .” I rented a house nearby . Every day 9:29 Step left and right to . In theory last Monday , Tuesday , Thursday is to work overtime 21:00.
But I always sneak in advance , As long as you can finish the task on time , do well . It's OK to leave work .

development 5 minute ,
debugging 8 It happens every hour . From time to time, components will crash . Spend time on environmental issues for a long time . It's really not good for your development ability . Another word , When you come here, don't think about how much technology can improve . It's Huawei's own library .
String not used string,
With his own CEntityString, For communication with middleware messages ,CEntityString It's still encapsulated . I don't see how it works . What else? XString amount to string.C++
STL container , I also wrote a set of internal . When you come here, you will find that Oracle Very skillful , Everything else is fart. Nothing . Fortunately, some code is not encapsulated . So I can still see some software used EPOLL+REACTOR Model , Thread pool + Factory mode , Using heap as thread pool .
So that's what I said in the interview , To support the door . Otherwise , I say I write logic , I was told to go home and wait for the announcement .

espace upper , Can't see pictures . You need to look at the picture on the computer . Regular employees can directly look at the picture . I didn't know it until I communicated with regular employees .

From time to time, I'll send you some chicken soup with heart poison . And Japan “ Craftsman spirit ” wait , And send an email to remind you that it's outsourcing . ha-ha . I also learned how to recruit outsourcers , But there will be no actual employment .

Here, soft outsourcing is divided 4 Levels . Each level has A-B Two levels . Pay by grade . Basically, there is no difference between each level 2K. Assistant engineer is level Four .
engineer MAG It's level three . Senior engineer is level two . Chief engineer should be level one . I'm not sure .

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