I think a lot of people have heard such a saying — If there is no ideal , What's the difference with salted fish ? however , For now , It seems that this sentence is not suitable for the society . the moment , When a lot of people work , More and more lack of momentum , Always guard that acre , Living a nine to five life , Few young people will take the initiative to change jobs or start businesses .

Why do more and more young people have this phenomenon ? Young people are bound by life , Is there no dream ?

in fact , It's not that young people have no dreams , It's that they're getting more realistic , Many people are full of energy when they first enter the workplace , But it's not until you work , The original life pressure is really not small .

As the times continue to enter , People's cost of living is also increasing , And for most young people , Also consider buying a house , buy a car , A series of problems such as raising a family . In this context , More and more young people are sending out takeout , Run Didi , Do whatever it takes to make money . As of 2018 year , The total number of riders in meituan is about 270 ten thousand people . According to data released by didi travel , The number of drivers of didi platform in China is about 1500 ten thousand people .

I believe that everyone has heard of the ideal in front of the reality “ not to be worth a hair ”, When a person can't even feed himself or his family , Is there any right to talk about ideals ? For these people , Nothing is more important than making money . Since it's not your ideal job to be engaged in , At least we need to make money .

And now , We have entered the Internet Era , Whether it's didi driver , There's still a big gap in takeout . For those who don't like cooking , The appearance of the takeout is a “ gospel ”, They are providing services to consumers regardless of the wind, the sun and the sun . at present , There are a lot of people who can't live without takers .

And the entry threshold for these industries is relatively low , As long as you're willing to work hard to make money, it's not hard , A month as a part-time rider alone may earn more than a month's salary for many office workers . Has the media ever exposed the wages of part-time riders , According to Alibaba, are you hungry ,1 Since the end of the month , Are you hungry? Accumulatively provide super 120 Employment of Knight of blue , Part time riders earn more every month on average 2900 element , Accounting for the total income of the family 4 become .

therefore , deliver the take-out , Running didi is not without dreams , It's young people who are bound by reality , They can't do it while they and their families are hungry , To pursue the dream selfishly .

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