Programmers also need to pay attention to their costumes

How to wear a good proportion and figure ?

1. Good proportion of vision , The bottom of the coat should not exceed half of the height .

2. Wear in the same color , If the color of pants and shoes is the same , You can visually lengthen your legs .

3. The length of pants should be just right .

4. Coat sleeve may be too long , Try a short coat , It's better to open the button for a long coat , Show better body proportions .

5. Try to fit ,

A whole set of collocation thinking , It's better to have only one or two focal points , Don't distract the focus , Too much is not good .

basic principle : It's best to wear it when you meet , peaceful , Can talk .

Color matching : Coordination and collocation , Embellishment and collocation , Contrast matching .
Coordination and collocation : Like a blue coat , Prepare to wear a light green sweater , Dark green pants , Brown green shoes .
Embellishment and collocation : Like a suit , Blue suit outside , Vest, trousers, shoes are all blue , The bottomed shirt is light blue , You can embellish it with a red or yellow tie .
Contrast matching : Contrast color clash is particularly intense , Blue and yellow are contrasting colors , Red and green are contrasting colors . Coordination and embellishment are the best choices in the early stage , Contrast is hard to match .

Suitable for boys app

Tmall has a channel for boys
in stock   Shopping Center for young people ( Cross border , Slow Logistics )
XY     A man who makes a boy look good app( Cross border , Slow Logistics )


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