Every year today , It's programmer's Day . Programmers are a group of people who change the world through keyboard , Their brains are full of magic code . For this kind of people , It's hard to impress them with a simple little gift .W3Cschool Select the most flattering 12 Gifts , Maybe we can make them happy , Touching the cold heart of programmers .

1.HTML Greeting card

Send one to the programmer HTML Greeting card , Believe to win the hearts of programmers . This kind of language is more close sequenced , Can help programmers better understand the meaning of sister , Whether it's love , Tease or praise , All of this can be represented by characters .

2. Keyboard or mouse

The tools programmers use every day are keyboard or mouse , If you want to give them presents , Just send these two . But it should be noted that , Some programmers are very attached to the keyboard they have been using , If you want them to change equipment , We need to understand their needs first .

3. storage

Programmers are people who work on their brains , Their rational thinking determines that they prefer to collect data . Because of this habit , Many programmers always feel that their storage space is too small . If you plan to send flash memory , Hard disk for geeks , Large capacity is recommended .

4. Toys on the desk

I'm tired of writing code , Play with toys occasionally , Relax relax , I believe many programmers like to do this . I heard about a set of geek dolls before , Maybe they will like these things .

5. Earphone or earplug

Programmers sit in chairs every day , Eyes on the computer screen . When writing code , If you have a high-quality earplug or headset , It's just great .

6.USB Interface super large enter key

Recommended USB Interface super large enter key to Programmer , It's a little hard to understand . But it's said that programmers need to vent , When you want to vent , You can use this gift . When you want to vent your accumulated resentment , You can pour your strength into your fist , And then one punch down .

7. Four in one desktop

Believe in the life of almost all programmers , Can't leave the company of computer desk . With a multi-function , More comfortable , More beautiful desktop , I believe it can make programmers happy .

8. Computer programming readings

Many programmers are learning bullies , Their goal is to change the world . By reading computer programming books , Let learning masters increase more computer knowledge , I believe they will like it . Yes, of course , The programmers worked overtime in a row N day , When the thought of destroying the world is on the way , Don't bother them with these books anymore .

9. Programmable LEGO

You're not mistaken , This is not a normal LEGO , This is the best in LEGO history X LEGO of , It's infinitely close to a mini robot . Like Lego NXT 2.0, Built in 32 position ARM7 Kernel processor and AVR
48 Coprocessor , There's a LCD on the chest . it 4 Inputs and 3 Output ports , And Bluetooth and USB port , Yes 3 Interactive servomotors ,4 Sensors ,
1 Ultrasonic sensors ,2 Touch sensors and 1 New color sensors . The dizzy words seem to excite programmers ? All in all, you will know the effect if you send it .

10. razor

Every man needs a razor , Most programmers are programmers , This is just what you need !

11. Various smart Bracelets , Wrist watch

Programmers love high technology , Something convenient ,bong, millet , The point is to wear high-tech skin, but the price is very friendly to the people !

12. girl friend

About that , Not much , It's all tears . Believe that many programmers are single , Some even said they would like to use the above 11 Seed gift , For the last gift .

Today is a great programmer's Day , I hope you can have a good day , Have a special holiday . I don't know if the gift above is the favorite of programmers , If you think you don't want any of these gifts , Can give W3Cschool Leave a message , Or click the top right corner to subscribe to us .

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