On today's computer qq And Feixin can't be used for a while . But I don't know why the web page can be opened . Baidu found a lot on the Internet qq Yes, but the page can't be opened . I'm depressed . It's been a long time . All of a sudden, my computer is working again . I don't know what the problem is . The preliminary summary may be that I started the software upgrade as soon as I started . There are 20 I'll upgrade the software at the same time, so it takes up too much network speed . And the software I upgraded included qq And Feixin . That's why I can't get online all the time .

After reading a lot of computers, I can only access them QQ Not online . I think it's better to tidy up . I've been saving time since . Here is my summary .

​1, Set up agent to access the Internet , Most of this happens within the company , Some companies don't allow employees to go to specific websites , In order to access these websites, employees will set up agents to access the Internet , Just cancel the agent .
Right click IE Select Properties --- connect -- LAN settings , Just cancel the settings .

2, Network problems , A few years ago, a well-known software in China caused a large area of network disconnection , as a result of DNS Parsing error , Take Baidu for example , Click Start -- Run input CMD Then enter NSLOOKUP
A website , If there is no diagram 2 Similar content in the red circle indicates that there is something wrong with the website , Just wait for the site to resolve itself .

3,IE damage , This is common , The best way is to reinstall a browser . A CD is needed for the repair . Download a new browser and install it on the Internet .

4, Infected virus , It's a lot , You can use anti-virus software to clean up the computer virus .

5, System file missing , The solution is to insert the system CD ( Genuine original ) Enter under Run menu sfc perhaps scanow.

6, Hardware and software conflicts , The solution is to uninstall the most recently installed software , Then press F8, choice “ Last time correctly configured ” It can be solved .

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