I saw a picture in the group recently , There's a programmer who's turned to buying ducks .

The real story of programmers

Programmers , The outsider looks tall , High pay , respectable , better , Change the world . The reality is that there is too much overtime , Sometimes stay up late , Keep learning , By developing countless systems , Convenient for people's life , Provides the quality of people's lives , So programmers are lovely people ;

How to go after programmer ?

Programmers , In most cases ,35 After the age of , It's not easy to continue to write code , Especially at home ; because 35 Family after age , It's impossible to put all your heart into work , work overtime , Stay up late ; Family also needs to pay attention ;

If you don't write the code , It's over 35 year , How can programmers move forward ?

Author's Internet 10 Years of experience , Some suggestions for programmer friends :

1, Good foundation in College , Play less games , Don't flirt with girls , How can I do that 10 Ten thousand line code ;

2, Practice and enrollment , Go to a bigger company as much as possible , Management specification , Ability to learn technology and management ;

3, We should also learn more mainstream cutting-edge technologies at ordinary times , Keep up with the times , Take more study notes ;

4, Don't touch women if the technology doesn't reach a certain level , Women take time ;

5,30 Before the age of , Reach the forefront of the industry in a technical field ;

6, work 2,3 Years later , Must be based on their own ability , potential , Family situation , Make a good career plan ;

7, Suggest poor second generation programmers 30 After the age of ;

8, proposal 30 After the age of , We need to get started , The simple point is transformation , For example, project management , requirement analysis , Partnership and Entrepreneurship , Independent portal ( Technology self media, etc ), Technical training , Technical consultation, etc ;

9, If working 1,2 year , Find that I'm not the material of Technology , Change business early , the sooner the better ;

10, Programmers are great , Changed the world , come on. !

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