Many beginners choose to learn programming , be full of worries , Some people think ​‌‌ My English is not good , Not suitable for programming , Some people think that their mathematics is not suitable for programming , Some people think programming is a very talented profession . This article mainly aims at beginners to analyze some mistakes and misconceptions in learning programming .

01 / Must master mathematics to learn programming

Many people confuse the relationship between mathematics and programming , The subjective view is that we must learn mathematics well to be able to program , Equating mathematics and programming directly . In fact, most programmers spend most of their time writing code , Not a mathematical formula . Programming requires basic mathematical knowledge , Libraries and plug-ins can be used in enterprise development , Help developers solve math and algorithm problems . But from the perspective of research algorithm , Need algorithm researchers with advanced mathematical knowledge .

02 / ***

A lot of people think , Learning programming must be admitted to University , To learn well in Computer College ? At present, programming education at home and abroad has been gradually reduced to the primary level , Primary and secondary school students' programming has been rapidly promoted and popularized . The difference between children's programming and college students' programming lies in , Children need a more intuitive way of learning , For example, developed by MIT Scratch programming . In fact, if you want to learn , Can learn at any time !

03 / Must learn the best language

Many beginners of programming always struggle with what language I need to learn , What is the best programming language , This view is wrong . There is no best language , Only the most appropriate language . Age appropriate for learners , Suitable for learners' ability, etc . Current domestic primary and secondary schools Python For beginners . I am a python Development Engineer , Put together a set python Learning materials of , From basic python Script to web development , Reptile , Data analysis , Data visualization , machine learning , Interview questions, etc . You can join the group if you want :688244617 Free collection

04 / Master a programming language in a short time

A lot of people want to do it overnight , Want to learn the simplest language in the shortest time , And find a high paying job . It's not impossible , But there is little hope , Unless you're a genius . Attending the training course can help you learn programming language more systematically , There are teachers who can answer questions in real time and learn faster , But it doesn't mean you're a programmer , To be a good programmer requires a lot of time accumulation and code writing .

05 / I can't write that many lines of code

Many beginners see thousands of lines of program source code , I feel like I can't write so many lines of code , Practical and careful analysis , Most of that code is repetitive statements , structure , loop , method . The code is stacked by various process control statements , After mastering the basis of programming , You can also .

06 / I'm a girl. I'm not good at programming

It may be true that there are more men than women in the computer department , But it's absolutely wrong that girls are not suitable for programming . The list of influential programmers in the world , Women have always been at the forefront . For example, the first programmer in the world is a woman , The name is Ada
Lovelace, The first programming language programmer for women, etc . So don't make a fool of yourself , It's only when you've really touched and tried that you know whether it's suitable or not !

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