First introduce the background of the downstairs owner :

I used to work for a famous Internet company in Shanghai HR, And then I went to another company to write about front-end development , Now in a foreign company 500 Strong headhunters , Responsibilities include FLAG,BAT Wait for the first and second tier Internet companies , A position in a start-up company .

Here are the urgent positions , Resume delivery  

Supplementary notes : Some positions not listed , Like algorithms , Big data and so on are needed , It can be pushed from the north to the Guangzhou and Shenzhen , Details can be added to me QQ: 2102065402 Come for a private chat

Location HC Company Position Take order Main Consultant
Shanghai 5 Lujin Institute Business monitoring post ( Basic platform operation and maintenance monitoring ) 2015.11.11 Julian.zhang
Shanghai 20 Lujin Institute iOS,Android Development Engineer 2015.11.19 Julian.zhang
Shanghai 20 Lujin Institute Java Development Engineer (3 More than years ) 2015.11.19 Julian.zhang
Shanghai 1 Lujin Institute UED User Research Manager 2015.11.19 Julian.zhang
Shanghai 2 Lujin Institute UI vision ,UE interactive 2015.11.19 Julian.zhang
Shanghai 4 Lujin Institute System operation and maintenance , User operation and maintenance 2015.11.19 Julian.zhang
Shanghai 1 Ant gold suit senior Android Development Engineer 2015.11.19 Julian.zhang
Guangzhou 1 Netease company Graphic creative designer 2015.11.22 Julian.zhang

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