Whether it's graduation or job search , Still want to get better career development , Interview is an essential part . For individuals , An interview is an opportunity to get a job , For the company , Meet a satisfied Java Talents can also expand the company's talent team construction , Improve the core competitiveness of the market . that , For interviewers , How to Java Waiting in the interview Offer What about ? Xiaobian told you .

One , work experience

The interview usually begins with a self introduction , And the content of self introduction includes two aspects . On the one hand, good communication and expression ability . In front of the team and customers , Can it be clear , accuracy , It's very important to briefly introduce yourself and the project . Many people exaggerate their resumes , But the interviewer asked carefully , I'm just prevaricating , This kind of practice can easily cause the interviewer's antipathy , And lose your job . On the other hand, business understanding , During the interview , Can you introduce the project structure in a few simple sentences , Business model and technology are also what interviewers care about .

Two , Coding ability

During the interview , Interviewers don't usually come up with complicated questions , It might make you write an algorithm , This algorithm will not be too difficult , Generally in 5 It will be finished in about minutes . Explain your ideas clearly after you write them out , Analyze the current algorithm space , Time complexity , Whether it can be optimized , How to optimize , This can reflect your ability to write code .

Three , learning ability

In general, interviewers will ask what they have learned recently , How to learn , What are the problems in the learning process , What problems can be solved by the content of learning . Interview is your first impression to the company , It's very important to show yourself well in the interview . Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared , Want to enter the desired company , We need to work hard , To stand out from the crowd .

Understand and master the above problems , Win the favorite enterprise Offer It's also increasing .

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