These years , The Internet industry is slowing down . A while ago , Huawei is exposed to be cut 1100 Middle managers .

Even though Ren Zhengfei later published an open letter , Expressed ignorance and dissatisfaction . however , When the broadsword of layoffs is waved to the middle management , Seems to be revealing some clues .

The so-called middle level , Most of them are middle-aged . When the middle age crisis meets the epidemic economy , If the growth potential of middle managers is not recognized by the enterprise , It must be 「 Low cost performance 」
A group of , It should be the object of being thin .

In the workplace , It's not easy to climb high , It's harder to hold high . Middle management of Internet , A large and fragile group , Why do you say that? ? Where is the way out ?


Let's start with a touch .

1 Months ago , I participated in the company's technical promotion review as a judge , The students who answered were all from T5 Promotion to T6.

T5 On the job required 1 Year and a half , It's basically a team leader in a certain direction , Promotion T6 There is a great chance to bring a technical team , Is a candidate for the next line manager .

It's been reviewed in a few days , Find an interesting phenomenon . When candidates are asked larger questions , such as : How to deal with subsequent business changes ? How to plan your work for the next six months ?
Do you think about it , Is the depth of thinking sufficient , High and low .

These questions are all aimed at 「 Global perspective and goal awareness 」 Conduct assessment , yes T6 Can you be a good student leader Basic requirements of roles , But there are few candidates who can answer this question well .

If you really want to judge by this standard , The person who can really pass the defense may 10% Not even , But there are some people who do well , And at the current rank 2 More than years , If you still don't get promoted , It seems that it's hard for enterprises to keep them .
here , Can't help but remind people of the famous 「 Peter's principle 」:

One employee , Because of his excellent performance in his original position , Will be promoted to a higher position . In case of sufficient time and vacancy , Every position is often occupied by incompetent employees .

Last 20 years , Rapid development of Internet industry , Attract countless job seekers to rush into the industry , train 3 Months to go . Driven by capital , Too many companies think little of cost , Blindly expand business and team . In this industry background , In addition, the rapid flow of personnel and nepotism in management , It also indirectly makes the middle-level managers' moral mismatches more prominent .

As of today , There are already nearly 2000W Internet practitioners . Estimate by team size of two pizzas , basic 10 A person needs one leader, It's almost there 200W
The manager of , And the middle managers obviously occupy the majority .

however , When the tide of Internet capital recedes , It's not just the grass-roots employees with poor performance who are eliminated , Middle managers with high salaries and obvious growth bottlenecks , It's also a large and vulnerable group .


last week , A reader friend added me to wechat , Talking about his workplace confusion .

He is currently technical manager of a well-developed Unicorn company , But that's where he's headed for management 4 Years old , Promotion seems hopeless , He began to wonder if he was really fit to take the road of management .

you bet , If we take the technical route ,4 Years is enough to get him promoted 1 reach 2 Levels . But change to management , To make a middle-level management leap into a high-level management , It seems that the difficulty is not small .

At least that's what many of my colleagues do , In front line management for several years , Unwilling to return to the front line , But it's a little hard to make a breakthrough in management , suspended in midair . And that's what most middle managers are like .

I asked this friend ,“ Does your company have a promotion system and training system for management rank ? How did you improve yourself , Do you know the direction of your efforts ?”

He said ,“ Whether the management can be promoted or not is decided by the senior leaders . The company occasionally has some training , But it's not systematic , The real sense of landing is another thing . I usually focus on the landing of specific matters and resource allocation , They will also consciously improve their technical ability and team management ability . A very clear direction , Not really , I don't know exactly what I'm going to do , I don't think there is a unified standard .”

I'm deeply touched by this passage , For most small and medium-sized Internet companies , The training and promotion system of professional line may not be perfect , Let alone manage routes , So the lack of enterprise mechanism is one of the reasons . in addition , The structure and vision of middle managers is another major factor . Just like my friend , Maybe even the role cognition of middle management didn't understand or ask , How do you let him break through the middle-level thinking ?


Put it in 5 last year , Internet industry is in the ascendant , Stand on the air outlet , Pigs can fly .

Low salary , Hopeless promotion , Not good at it , There are options out there , You can jump to another job “ Career shortcuts ”.

But when the capital wave recedes , You know who's swimming naked . current , Enterprises compete for viability and profitability , Employees compete for unique value and potential .

As a middle manager ,「 Self pattern 」 and 「 Comprehensive ability 」 Will become more and more important
. How to make your team more efficient ? How to do well in management , Let the company see your value ? The profession itself is not good enough , How to improve their business awareness and business thinking ? In order to plan goals and consider problems from a more comprehensive perspective ...

When the challenge comes , There is no doubt that the depth of your thinking and the ability to be improved have higher requirements than before . in short , Improve internal skill , Let yourself be good first , Then we can take the initiative .

Beginning of this year , Seeing that many excellent students around me are working harder and more focused than ever before . When the industry goes down , They are not impatient or anxious at all , As a friend said ,“ Slow is fast , Do the present with your ordinary heart , Other time !”


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