<> Software outsourcing

It's been five years since we started the industry system customization business . So far, I've made a 73 Set of operational software system ,
I love coding , But after opening the company , Find out that the coding time is really short . do IT, Writing software is a low threshold industry for many entrepreneurs , Due to information asymmetry , Many new graduates are also the first choice IT,
There are also many strange phenomena in the industry .

* Programmer technology is becoming more and more single , Few programmers know the principles , Mostly doing physical work .
* IT Industry salary is not divided by level , Received by working years , And higher and higher .
* The amount of orders received by customized software is getting lower and lower , Complete cabbage price .
* Higher and higher failure rate of software operation . More and more attention is paid to the mentality of "taking it"
* Fewer and fewer companies actually write programs , Many companies are acting as intermediaries .
<> Some suggestions for the employer of outsourcing software

* Outsourcing software function must be very clear , If Party A does not know the technology at all , It is suggested to work directly on the shoulders of giants , Find a similar software for reference , Do two development . But the business flow and its positioning must be clear .
Highlight core functions , It doesn't need to be big and comprehensive . Be very clear , Don't think about the future , Programmers do subtraction .
In architecture, for the first version, the function is greater than the architecture , If the lucky company has a very good infrastructure , But it's rarely , Because every industry has its own characteristics , The architecture is suitable for the integrated application of software ,
No architecture can achieve the goal of "all in all" , This is actually the biggest difference between users and technology .
But most companies push product managers to solve problems , In fact, there are mature methods to avoid pit jumping in this part , It's not going deep here , You can send it to me if you need it .
* For outsourced software , Don't repeat the wheel , Listen more , Multi inspection company , There's no shortcut , Try to find an infrastructure company , Actually, the company has software developers , Try to talk if you can .
Don't omit this point , I've met a lot of clients to save money , Looking for a small company , Maybe the boss is a bull , Cost saving in development , Develop software ,
You're not the only one to think about it , That's what everyone thinks , But people's energy and time are limited . In fact, the profit of such a company is very high , Their approach is basically to find open source or crack , Meet the foundation and deliver .
This kind of software has many sequelae . Because a lot of open source things are basically hands-on . That's why I see it CSDN Some of the big guys said they would help the boss solve some concurrent problems , Small software BUG We'll have more than a hundred thousand dollars .
In fact, if you think about it, these are all dug holes , General professional software company , Will always update the core organization , Software is not professional , Concurrency and security are key . These regular companies provide free customized basic services during the service period .
In fact, software customization is about service , Software code itself is accumulated , Especially the core framework .
* Don't believe in professional terms . Actually, writing a program is physical work . A lot of core architecture thinking has been evolving . Good programmers learn for life ,
It will bring many interesting ideas and methods to the ground , This is also the happiest thing for programmers . And don't believe that good programmers don't write documents , More excellent technicians , In fact, the more self-discipline .
Perfect work record and software description are indispensable . So no matter what programming language the customized software uses , Look at the attitude and communication of software companies , Good companies always do more than they say .
A customer's demand will be put on paper after communication , No software developed , Requirements compilation and schedule Technology , instructions , Use case model , It's going to be very complete , Don't feel like it's a waste of time , In fact, all communication between product managers and developers should be on paper .
Or your so-called customization will end . This industry is very real , Programmers do more subtraction or on-demand programming , Not as divergent as a product manager .
And you have to know if you don't have a need to figure it out , How is it possible to land successfully . This should be the biggest hole .
* Don't believe in so-called empirical data . Actually, there is no secret in the software industry , All programming has third-party detection tools , Running data , This can't be sloppy ,
A public company where I was a consultant , It's a good background , But only when we have a deep understanding of the structure can we know that a group of school children are masters of the family , Bureaucracy is very serious , It's all about system architecture ,
Pull the data and you'll see where the problem is , Although now the hardware and network are getting better and better , Many programmers don't pay much attention to technical detail optimization , Including on the Internet, we also see a lot of big talk structures .
In fact, in many cases, it's really necessary to make excellent products in details .

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