Most of our programmers are probably from C Language learning , Tens of thousands of lines , Hundreds of thousands of lines , Even millions of lines of code , But do you all know C The whole process of language compilation , If not clear , I'll take you all together today to make a decryption .


C Language is a high-level language compared with assembly language , To run on the system , It needs to be converted into executable code that can be read by the machine through the compiler .


with Linux On system gcc take as an example , Usually we compile a source file with the following command :
$gcc hello.c –o hello


  After compilation , It will be generated in the directory hello This program , Run it directly to see the results .


Hello World!


but hello How is this program generated , In fact, there are several steps in the process . Recompile with the following command , You can see all the intermediate files .

$gcc -save-temps hello.c –o hello


hello hello.c hello.i hello.o hello.s


C The compiling process of compiler is divided into four steps :

(1) Pretreatment

(2) compile

(3) assembly

(4) connect

 1) Pretreatment Pre-prosssing

  Preprocessing generated hello.i Intermediate file of , Mainly completed the following steps :

Remove all comments

Expand all macro definitions ( That is, character substitution )

insert #include Contents of the document

Handle all conditional compilation

hello.i The contents of the document are as follows ( Large file size , Only the bottom part is shown ):


You can find that all comments in the source code have been deleted , And inserted stdio.h Content of header file .


2) compile Compiling

  Compilation will hello.i File compilation generates an intermediate file hello.s, You can see that there are assembly languages inside , So the purpose of compilation is to convert the source code into assembly language .


 3) assembly Assembly

  Assembler will hello.s Compiled into hello.o file .hello.o It's binary , It's all machine executable code .


4) connect Linking

  Connection, as the name suggests, plays a connecting role , although hello.o It's already binary , But there's something inside, like printf
Function needs to call another library . Connector makes a binding between our binary and other libraries . You can see the generated hello Files are better than hello.o Much bigger .


Come here C The complete compilation process of is over , The examples in this article are Linux operating system , The compiler uses gcc, But in other operating systems , such as
Unix,Windows, Or use another compiler , The principle is the same , Interested students can learn the principles of compilation , A deeper understanding of compilation .



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