As the founder of Xiaomi Technology , Chairman and CEO , Lei Jun's name is like thunder . An article appeared on the Internet “ How about Liu qiangdong's code level ” The article of , Some netizens reply below “ Code only serves Lei Jun ”. This reply attracted Xiao Bian's attention , Is Lei Jun's code level really good ?

When Lei Jun was young , I'm also a programmer , And once you do it 10 year . Lei Jun is here 22 Years ago, it was written in the composition : I'll be a programmer all my life , It can be seen that Lei Jun has a passion for programming .

Some netizens also shared an article by Lei Jun 22 Code written years ago , Not much nonsense , Paste code directly .

Picture description ( most 50 word )

Picture description ( most 50 word )

Lei Jun wrote this code , Does it look awesome ? It's blinding ! Because of the space limitation , You can't copy the entire code

Computer is Lei Jun's favorite in his life , computer
It's a wonderful world for Lei Jun . Lei Jun felt that , The world of computers is not as complicated as people . As long as your program is well written , You can get along with the computer , You can also direct computers , Do something you want to do . Thunder
The army believes that , The world of computers is big , Programmers live in their own kingdom . ad locum , Programmers can dominate . Because of love , So Lei Jun did it 10 year .

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Lei Jun's favorite code is formatted by the new programmer

For Lei Jun , Although now he is even more
Focus on product development and management , But once upon a time, he regarded his beloved code as a treasure . There was a technical support person here , And the technician's first job in the company , Is to help Lei Jun clean up his hard disk .
A misunderstanding , It's just a matter of covering the installation system , This programmer has formatted Lei Jun's hard disk . These codes have been accumulated by Lei Jun over the years , And it's his favorite , So it became
Cannon fodder , I believe Lei Jun is very sad .

Programming is technology , It's also an art

Lei Jun thinks that , The work of programming is similar to that of a stonemason , It's technical work , It's also physical work , And write excellent software , It's a rare thing . Programming is a technical work , Therefore, it is possible to carry out on a large scale , And then there will be software engineering . in addition , Because programming is an art , So there are a lot of good products .

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Lei Jun cares for subordinates Direct female programmers in person

Because I am a programmer , There is no doubt about Lei Jun's technical level . Lei Jun for the following programmers , It's also very considerate . Earlier , Lei Jun personally guides a beautiful programmer's picture to become popular . From the pictures exposed , This female programmer directed by Mr. Lei herself , He is a front-end development engineer . General manager Lei xiagrassroots , And personally guide the farmers , Xiaomi is not strong, most of them can't say it .

of course , It's just an episode in Lei Jun's life . once , Lei Jun thinks he will do programming all his life . But now , Lei Jun as chairman of Xiaomi , Value can't be measured by numbers . His access to the program , Trust is rare , Because there are many programmers working for him .

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