MySQL5.0 After that, I started to support profiling, For diagnosing a sql Resource consumption during execution , Through profiling To view slow sql How slow is it , So as to carry out reasonable optimization

* see profiling Whether it supports and opens show variables like '%profil%'
Variable_name Value
have_profiling( Yes no profiling) YES
profiling( Open or not profiling) ON
profiling_history_size(profiling Lines per display ) 15
* If it's above profiling The value of is 0 perhaps OFF, So on profile set profiling=1
* Start using profiling # Execute one sql select count(*) from vc # use profiling SHOW PROFILES

Query_ID: Queried ID
Duration: Execution time
Query: Specific implementation sql
You can find the one we just executed in the result sql
# adopt Query_ID see sql Specific implementation # Or through Show profile all for query 174 Find out more Show
profilefor query 174

Status: Indicates the implementation of this article sql Stage experienced
Duration: Time consumption of each stage

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