review 2014, My biggest feeling is shame and ignorance . It's a shame , I couldn't update my blog for a whole year , More than that, he kept finding excuses to comfort himself , Like busy , Time is spent “ scientific research ” On some kind of plausible excuse . however , Excuses are always excuses , It's like trying to explain why you don't get in touch with men / Like girlfriends , It's going to be tough . Frankly speaking , The most fundamental reason is that I don't seem to find that strong motivation any more , That's why I feel so ignorant . It seems that I didn't really settle down to find the crazy idea in this year , An idea that supports me to write a new blog , Of course, maybe it's because some of them have been written by themselves and published , But anyway , Now we have to make do with the year-end summary , It's not a glorious thing to think about , At least for a boy with a rising Libra , It's just unforgivable .

If you say the past year, I have the biggest harvest , I think it may be that some articles have been published ; If you say your biggest regret in the past year , I think it's probably those articles . Publication of articles , I really gained some confidence , Just a little attention , Because I am destined to be a pessimist , I always see those regrets that have not been realized . Unfortunately , Failed to post a long article in the past year , This is for me in the application season , It's a big loss and weakness , After all, foreign professors pay more attention to the ability to write long articles , This is more 0 And 1 The difference between . So every time someone thinks they are sure of applying , I'll tell myself , Maybe it's not as simple as you think . So , In the new year , I hope I can start at once , Don't let next year's self have such regrets .

If we can say our biggest breakthrough in the past year , I think it's probably the success of being brainwashed as a memento , So I borrowed Monet's quotations “It’s on the strength of
observation and reflection that one finds away. So we must dig and delve
unceasingly.” As a motto , Even in the application materials . From documentary , To books , Monet exhibition in Shanghai , Rather than being brainwashed by the Impressionist lunatics , It's better to appreciate those paintings , Found a better self . Water lilies from Monet , Dancers to degas , To Cezanne's apple , By understanding the paintings of these masters , And the story behind the painting , We always find something in common , A kind of pleasure that seems to touch the heart but is hard to describe , And this spiritual pleasure , It's like a Michelin meal , It's memorable . So , What else can I say , I hope I can be in the new year , In the pit of Impressionism , It's getting deeper and deeper .

If I can say that I was most moved in the past year , I think it might be 4C
Lab The care of teachers and students , No exaggeration , It's like a mother's meticulous care for a new baby . Mr. Chen , Mr. Bai guides his article hand in hand , Derivation from formula , To logical thinking , To the use of words , It's the biggest help I can think of , Thank you ! meanwhile , I also want to thank Mr. Zhong for his life guidance , Reply guidance given by Mr. Peng and Mr. Yuan . of course , Thank you, too 4C
Lab All students , A good atmosphere for scientific research , Thank you so much , Face to face communication is better , Hee hee .

If you say your biggest surprise in the past year , I think it's possible to gain some honors in the highly competitive electronics department , Just like I said in my wechat friends circle , For a moment , Suddenly I feel like a lucky man , To love the world more than ever . however , Pessimistic me , The subconscious thinks it's better to be lucky or lucky , So apart from having to mention the awards in the application materials , I'm really sorry to take it out on my own , Even when I go to a sharing meeting , I dare to tell you a little bit from my own experience , After all, I am surrounded by rabbits who run with their lives and are extremely smart , When you're not sure whether you're a rabbit or a turtle , The only thing we can do is to keep running , Even though in the end, I'm really just a turtle , Running and running may also be a rabbit in other people's eyes . But in the end , It doesn't matter , Importantly , You will find that when running becomes a habit , You can no longer forgive a lazy self . So , I hope I can be in the new year , Run harder , Run for a better self .

Full of longing and uneasy at the same time , Welcome 2015, A year of special significance to me , I hope I can be in the new year , Embark on a new journey , Start now , Get more .

A cat that gets cream is usually happy to show the world his back , Um. !

Friedrich 《 Wanderers in the fog sea 》

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