Unity The most professional game engine in the world , Ability to create real time , Visual 2D and 3D animation ,
game , Known as 3D Legend of mobile games , Thousands of high quality products , A cool masterpiece :《 Hearth Stone 》
《 Temple Escape 2》《 My name is MT2》. Playful 3D Time has come , And in the market Unity3D The supply of developers is in short supply .Unity3D Broad industry prospects , Game development , Virtual simulation , automobile , Architecture , film , Animation and other industries are widely used 3D technology .

In recent years, the competition in the game market is very fierce , All game companies need to develop new games quickly to occupy the market share of games , A good game engine is the top priority to solve such problems !2010 year Unity3D Game engine enters people's vision , It's easy to operate , studies of the Book of Changes , flexible , Has been gradually applied to new works by various platform manufacturers , As a result, global game developers , personal use Unity3D The upsurge of . And at home , According to authoritative department statistics ,
50% Of Unity3D Developer years in 2 Within the year ,45% Of developers working in 2 reach 5 Between years , Average salary exceeds 15K!

Unity: This year will be VR A year of accelerated development

Although not well known among consumers , but Unity Our products and technologies are already famous in the game circle . Enter China 4 Years later ,4 month 11 day ,Unity Put China developer conference in Shanghai , this year , It focuses on VR.

Is the current mainstream game development engine , data display , The world's most profitable 1000 Mobile game , Yes 30% They all use Unity Developed by . Especially in VR In the device ,Unity Of
Game development engine is more dominant , Shipped last month Oculus Rift in , Its own 30 There are 16 All are used Unity development , And Samsung Gear
VR Smart phone based VR In the helmet ,90% All the above games are used Unity Engine development . Developer Conference , Sony , storm , Big friend , despise ,HTC Well known at home and abroad
VR The equipment developers have put out the experience platform , Their purpose is very clear , Hope to attract more developers VR Creating games .

Unity Labs(Unity laboratory ) person in charge Sylvio
Drouin It's no secret that we haven't seen anything yet VR Content is really attractive content ,VR The experience of the device is also unsatisfactory , But he thinks ,VR It's a pioneer industry ,“ We just know how far it's going , But to what extent next year , Or three years later , How far will it develop ten years later , We don't know , But eventually we will find a new continent .”

What we are doing is to VR More simplified development of , More adaptive VR The needs of players in the environment . For example, keep optimizing the number of frames per second , Keep players from dizziness ; Or redesign players in VR Interaction within the game , They're even developing a new game engine tool , Can be worn by developers Oculus
Rift, Use the handle directly on the VR Development in the environment VR game , Drag and drop the established module into the scene , It 's like simulating urban construction , Simple and clear .

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