<> use mysql Implementation plan
EXPLAIN SELECT COUNT( 1 ) FROM ( Query table and conditions ) TOTAL 1 SIMPLE tb_humidity ALL
10998200 100.00 1 SIMPLE ca eq_ref PRIMARY PRIMARY 8 cold.tb_humidity.car_id 1
100.00 Using index 1 SIMPLE w eq_ref WeChatUser_ID WeChatUser_ID 8
cold.tb_humidity.wechat_id 1 100.00 Using index

Get the total number of current queries , This is better than direct count Fast Watch
List<Map<String, Object>> mapList = baseMapper.callSize(params); String
page.setTotal(Integer.parseInt(str)); page.setSearchCount(false);
The first is the result of parsing execution conditions
Manual injection of total number of pages
Paging master query switch false

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