The internship in university has become more and more popular , Especially under severe pressure , In addition, due to various factors, the Internet industry has not been booming , So a lot of employers have to go through internships when recruiting people . But many new students may be full of fear about internships , I don't know what to do on the first day , Today, I'd like to write about my experience !

okay , Not much nonsense , Let's get down to business !

<>1. Find the location of the company , Contact recruitment management

General companies, whether they are interns or regular employees , The process is usually to go through the entry formalities in the morning , Go to the corresponding department in the afternoon . On the first day of internship, employees usually find the company first , Then ask the staff at the front desk , See where your management office is , After finding the corresponding person in charge to explain the situation , She will identify you ( You will be displayed on her side after you go through the entry formalities ).

<>2. Get to know your boss

End of identity verification , The person in charge will take you to meet the leader of the corresponding development team ( This is the team leader , Not the head or manager of the Department , Because they may not have time to talk to you ), Meet the team leader ( It's usually a veteran with three to five years of development experience ) after , After meeting each other, the team leader will arrange you to work , And simply tell you about the Department , Some management rules and regulations of the company ( You'd better listen quietly here , Don't ask questions all the time , Ask others in private if you have any questions ), After the introduction, he will find you a master with your hand , Usually a developer who has been in the company for one or two years , Let him help you build the environment , Assign you tasks .

<>3. Start to finish the task at hand

After the company knows its boss and the corresponding master , In general, your master will give you some resources and project folders to configure the development environment lock . You need to configure the environment on your computer , Try to run the program given by master in the local area . Usually the intern who just went will not arrange you to do something immediately , Just look at the project code first , Familiar with development environment . Take advantage of this time to learn a lot , Look more .

What I want to emphasize is , In this installation environment , You must ask more questions in the process of looking at the code , Think more , I can't find the answer on the Internet , Just don't keep stuck there , Must learn to ask actively , On the one hand, there will be more people coming than you , It's much faster to help you than to ask for answers online , On the other hand, you should show your attitude of learning , Foundation is not important , It's important to learn and do .

That's what happens on the first day of an intern in a general development department , I just want to talk to you about my personal experience , Specific company processes may vary , Let's have a look , Recreation .

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