How does the program language source code -> Bytecode (or Machine code )-> implement There was interest , That's for today , Make a study plan for yourself ,

The goal is to be able to Java How to source code to class File bytecode , How can I JVM Have a deeper understanding of the implementation of the .

The first step of learning , Start with the hard Compilation Principle .

I have some understanding of compilation principle before , In particular, we have a better understanding of lexical analysis in our work , So learning starts with semantic analysis ,

The corresponding page number of Longshu is P195

1. Related definitions

SSD : syntax-directed definition .

Each grammar symbol introduces a set of attributes , Each grammar production is equipped with a set of semantic calculation rules associated with it .

Attributes can be divided into two categories :

Comprehensive attribute : For bottom-up messaging , The attribute value can be calculated from the attribute value of its child node .

Inheritance properties : Transfer information from top to bottom , It is calculated by the attribute values of the sibling node and the parent node of the node .

2. evaluation

It can cooperate with semantic rules in the process of parsing and forming parsing tree SSD evaluation .

From the examples in the book , With bottom-up grammatical analysis SSD Evaluation can be done from low to high , Corresponding to comprehensive attribute evaluation .

And it's in line with top-down grammatical analysis SSD Evaluation involves evaluation of inherited properties , The order of evaluation is not so intuitive . For example 5.3.

3. Dependency graph and evaluation order

For convenience SSD evaluation , The concept of dependency graph is introduced , If a syntax analysis tree has a corresponding dependency graph , It can be evaluated according to the topological order of the dependency graph .

Topological sorting is not unique , chart 5.7 in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Is a topological sort , and 1 3 5 2 4 6 7 8 9 It's also a topological sort .

If a syntax analysis tree has a dependency graph containing rings , Topology sorting is not possible .

But there are two types SSD It can be determined that there is no ring in the dependency graph , So you can sort the topology and then sort it according to this order SSD evaluation .

These two categories are :S Attribute SSD,L Attribute SSD.

4. S Properties and L attribute

If one SSD Each attribute is a comprehensive attribute , That is S Type .

If one SSD The attribute of is either a comprehensive attribute , Either it only depends on the attributes of the upper parent node or the left sibling node , That is L Type .

Finally, upload two calculation examples of comprehensive attribute and inherited attribute :

(1) Example of comprehensive attribute calculation

(2) Inherit attribute calculation instance

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