first : Test case format includes ten features

* Case number
* Test items
* Test title
* Use case properties
* Importance level : High school and low school
* Preset conditions
* Test input
* Operation steps
* Expected results
* Actual results
second : Equivalence class

1, Definition of equivalence class

2, Equivalence class division

3, Equivalence class division rules

4, Design equivalent use cases

5, Case study

third : Boundary value

1, Three points of boundary value

2, Boundary value application scenario

3, Application steps of boundary value method

fourth : Judgment table

1, definition

2, Key concepts

3, Application steps of decision table

4, Case explanation and judgment table

fifth , Cause and effect diagram

1, Relationship between input and input

2, Relationship between input and output

3, Case study

sixth , orthogonal test

1, Definition of factors and levels

2, characteristic

3, Design process

4, Attention points

5, Case study

seventh , State migration

1, definition

2, state

3, Method flow

4, Case study

eighth , Process analysis ( Scene design method )

1, Design three scenarios

2, usage method

3, Attention points

4, Case study

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