《Unity3D/2D Game development from 0 reach 1》 Official publication
I wrote it last year Unity Books are officially in 2015 year 7 Officially issued in , Now I would like to add some personal works .
Book information :
      Title of the book : 《Unity3D/2D Game development from 0 reach 1》       Book number (ISBN): 978-7-121-26239-5        press :
Electronic Industry Press       Time of issue :2015 year 7 month 1 day

Writing background :     2015 year 6 month 30 Today, I received a letter from Mr. Zhang Di from electronic industry press , Officially issued 《Unity3D/2D Game development from 0 reach 1》 book . This book is condensed with half a year's hard work
I am filled with emotion .     I play games , Software and teaching for more than ten years , Has been dreaming of further serving the vast number of game and software developers across the country .14 Electronic Industry Press in the second half of
Zhang Di passed QQ Find me , Warm invitation, hope to give it to China Unity Beginners write a book easy to understand , From entry to improvement Unity Training materials , Textbook requirements 70 Ten thousand characters
Right and left , Moderate thickness (500 Page left and right ), It involves Unity All aspects of game engine , But we should pay attention to step by step , From easy to difficult , According to international fashion “ Case study ” Writing style ...
Writing cycle :     2014 year 9 month -2015 year 3 month
Official issue date :     2015 year 7 month 1 day
Writing characteristics :     1:   The first book in China “ Case study ” teaching Unity Professional books . The whole book runs through the whole process of two heavyweight game development . Let students start from scratch , A real book becomes a master of game development !
       2: The book explanation is easy to understand , proceed in an orderly way and step by step , about Unity Technical focus , Comprehensive explanation of difficulties , complete , thorough , Books that can be treasured by readers for a long time .     3:
This book contains a large number of Unity5.x/Unity4.x Supporting download materials and complete teaching PPT, Convenient for reference and use of lecturers in Colleges and universities and domestic training institutions .     4:
  According to the author's years of experience in R & D and training , domestic Unity The vast majority of beginners are college students and fresh graduates , So the book ends with a focus on
Practical content of this part of the population :《 whole country Unity Collection of real questions for written interview of game R & D position 》,《 Resume template of game development position 》,“Unity Common development mistakes and brief analysis ”.
Introduction to key chapters :
    This book is divided into practical projects and development theories . Development theory , The whole book is divided into the first part from the perspective of easy introduction for beginners 14 Chapter 2 15 chapter . The first part is totally zero based
Prepared by basic game enthusiasts or college students , Adopt internationally popular “ Case study ” Teaching ideas : Chapter by chapter Unity Knowledge points , With relatively simple and easy to understand complete actual combat
project , Take a learning point , The method of developing a function module of corresponding project , Throughout the development theory ( Part I ).    
Students who can complete their own works in accordance with the requirements of the first part of the book , In fact, learning Unity It's not hard at all . Is it true ? no , It can only be said
bright Unity Simplicity of game engine , Efficient , Easy to use . Really in-depth learning , Develop online product level game project , We have a lot to learn , Advanced knowledge points . for example :3D
graphics (3D Graphics rendering / Mapping / texture of material /Shader etc. ),Mecanim Animation system , Project R & D optimization strategy ( Occlusion Culling Occlusion Culling/ Level details LOD/ number
Data analyzer Profiler/ Common optimization strategies of the project ), Game transplantation and finger touch (Touch) technology ,UGUI(Unity4.6 The above version is new UI system ), Data Persistence technology
(PlayerPrefs,XML Generation and resolution, etc ), Preloading and object buffer pool technology , Network foundation and resource dynamic loading technology ( Multithreading , socket Socket, Network download WWW
, Download resource pack dynamically AssetBundle etc. ).
Some key chapters :

The first 20 chapter : Project R & D optimization strategy     This chapter discusses the development and release process of the game and virtual reality project , Stuck to solve the project , crash , High heat generation of mobile equipment , And a special chapter for discussion . book
Chapters cover a wide range of topics , Knowledge points involve almost all skills used in project development . For a Unity For beginners , Perhaps only satisfied with the specific function of the project
On the realization , But a middle and senior game R & D personnel can't just be satisfied with this .
The first 21 chapter : Game transplantation and finger touch (Touch) technology     This chapter mainly introduces Unity Engine Publishing Android Platform method and detailed operation steps . Installation is required first JAVA
JDK , Then download and configure Android Parameters of virtual machine , And how Unity
To combine . At last, the author introduces the mobile platform in detail ( mobile phone ,IPad, touch screen ) How to operate and program finger touch .
The first 23 chapter :UGUI     2014 year 11 end of month Unity4.6
Official release , It's powerful , More flexible , fast , Easy to use visual game NEW UI development tool ( abbreviation :UGUI).Unity Company history Beta
21 Continuous testing of versions , It takes about 2 Finally, a new generation of UI system , More flexible , Faster , Visual development interface . This chapter focuses on learning UGUI Basic controls include : Canvas
canvas ,Panel,EventSystem,Text,Image ,Button ,Button event . Anchor Anchor and screen adaptive system . UGUI
Advanced controls include :Toggle ,Slider,Scrollbar Etc , as well as Scroll Rect Compound control , Label Page TabPage etc . 
The first 26 chapter : Data Persistence technology     Data Persistence technology is widely used in games and virtual reality projects , Because players' various settings and hobbies can be saved for a long time through data persistence Technology , So you can
Greatly increase the playability of the game . Currently based on Unity The data persistence schemes of the engine can be roughly divided into three types , First of all Unity Provided PlayerPrefs technology , It's a kind of Jane
Single convenience , An effective storage scheme for a small amount of data .      XML The full name is “ Extensible markup language ”(Extensible Marked Language),
XML Because in data processing , Cross platform , Easy to read and understand , And stored as plain text
mode , So it has excellent cross platform , So in recent years, it has become popular all over the world , Become an ideal solution for data exchange and persistent storage supporting almost all languages across platforms .  
   The last data persistence solution is network storage , At present, general “ Online games ” All use this method to store a large amount of user information , The biggest benefit of this approach is security , Strong confidentiality .
The first 27 chapter : Preloading and object buffer pool technology    “ Object buffer pool ” Technology is an advanced knowledge point in the field of game development , Its appearance mainly solves the problem that a large number of game props are generated and destroyed in the process of game development , Cause system
Bottleneck problem . What this chapter is about is Unity In the engine , One of the best recommended solutions for script performance optimization . Preloading is the whole object buffer pool technology
The realization principle and precondition of the technique , Two excellent examples are used in this chapter , Two types of specific explanations ( primary / senior ) The principle and application of object buffer pool .
Book purchase channel :     Interested friends , Through three domestic platforms : JD.COM , Dangdang , TaoBao , Search and purchase books by entering the title .  
                                                                            Liu Guozhu
2016 year 11 month

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