hello everyone , I am a 96 Young students in , I'm going to talk about my transition into IT The story of , Big enough to experience every day , When is the thought in my heart , Update from time to time , If you think it's good, give me a reward or a compliment , Thank you for your support !!
I graduated from a general college in Chengdu , Major in computer information and management , Why study this major , Because I want to buy a computer and play games with it every day , Don't sneak into the Internet bar anymore . Adapted for a while after entering school , Play whenever you have time , I can't remember how much it cost , Anyway, my number is a local tyrant ( Like to play CF My friends can confide in me , Lend you a free number to play for a long time ), I didn't know anything in those two years , I'm here to play . But I also became a good student for a period of time when I was just in college , But in the end, I can't resist the temptation of the world of flowers , Made a mistake that most college students would make , Until we leave school to practice , Just started to worry .
At first, I was confused , Because what I learned in school doesn't add up to a whole basket , At that time, I couldn't count on my major , Want to sell in the past , Want to be an ordinary employee in the past , I want to be a fitness coach , Because I prefer to keep fit , I've learned a little about that , But in the end, considering that the fitness coach needs to spend tens of thousands of yuan to get the coach certificate , In the end, I gave up the idea .
After several twists and turns and suggestions from friends , In the end, I still want to continue to be a professional , When I was looking for a development internship , The interviewer also told me that if you like programming, you can apply for a training course . I've learned that training is usually half a year , It's going to be hard , And how to learn basic programming of several languages in school , Although I didn't learn anything , But at least get a general idea , Go to a training organization and rebuild it .
* It's time for lunch , But I had too much breakfast in the morning , I'm not hungry yet , ha-ha , But free working meals , Do not eat white do not eat , Finish eating and keep updating in the afternoon ......

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