This is egg's introduction at the beginning , damn , This melancholy side face , I .... Fall ……

And the egg story starts last year , We've been in a team since we started - Algorithmic Engineering Data technology team , At that time, the group was full of people 8 personal , I can't remember the table .

He's the most interesting person on the team , His normal hair is really Guangdong , Go get the meal and say 44 each time , On the diagenetic system , How many times will aunt ask , It's seventy-four ? He'll say, auntie, you're not good at Mandarin , When we don't understand him, he says it : Why is your ordinary hair so bad , I can't stand you ?

He is such a humorous person , His personality may be a little unique , But Wai and I like it very much , Because he and Migou are missing , Our world has changed from color to black and white , Egg is always a very pompous person , What happened before , The most we can do is N95\N90, His direct gas mask , I'm really laughing !

But let's talk about it , I've always liked his clothes , It's the ragged wind , Haha, I'm kidding , I can't tell you , Especially his big back , Are you really super handsome .

After all, it was the number one in algorithm engineering , And it's recognized by the intranet as handsome , Now he's gone , Aobing is helpless , On the throne of number one , Just .... helpless ( Cover your mouth and snigger ).

Today, the egg always chooses to take us to the bottom of the sea to make a profit , Total light with eggs , We all ate meat .
egg , Three crooks , Rice bean , Aobing

Eating eating eating , We are talking less and less , Because we know , This may be the only dinner party in a long time , Once not in a city , There will be fewer and fewer opportunities to meet , It's like rice bean is still in a city , But not in one area , It's rare to get together with us now , Time and space are fetters , Besides, all three of them have women ! I don't know when , My eyes are wet again ……

A meal by the West Lake , Then I have to go to the West Lake for a walk after dinner , So there's a picture of the cover .

Talking while walking , Without thinking about the past .

Remember that time , He and I are in charge of the advertising system of mushroom street , The code is developed very fast , however BUG It's amazing , At that time, I forced him to change BUG, One week in a row , It's two or three o'clock in the morning every day , The next day he walked with the wind , I bought breakfast, but I haven't sat down to eat it , I asked him to come and see it bug, One time commit Can change 20 Multiple files , During that time, dozens of times a day commit and push, The release system is also a history of eggs .

Memory is time , With tender embers , If time goes back , Once again , Will you choose to forgive me ?
Aobing , egg , Rice bean

Do you think he's very good , On the contrary, he is very strong , First place in Guangzhou University Department ,ACM Gold medal winner , Tencent abandoned school recruitment offer, that SP Mushroom Street , This job hopping , He's got all the big factories in China offer, Salary has also refreshed my understanding of one year's experience , He finally chose bytes , Went to Shanghai , So tonight we have this dinner .

Actually, me and sanwai , Mido's character is the kind of regular , But the eggs just take the style of the three of us , Especially rice bean , It's getting more and more lame , But is it a kind of personality charm ?

In fact, it's normal for a friend to leave his job , C has been in Hangzhou for more than three years , It's already common , It's just that egg always travels far this time , With the company, I'll be with you , Can't help feeling more .

I really like the atmosphere , It's still like college , Work normally , Talk about nice girls after work , The nearest melon , Happy , Don't face the cruel world .

Sitting by the West Lake , The night is deep , I don't know whose heartstrings the wind blows , It's time to leave again , I hope everyone can break the cocoon against the wind in the workplace , Even if that wing is torn , Someone will hold your hand , Go with you .

The carefree youth sits quietly beside me , I didn't have time to say goodbye , Goodbye to our rivers, lakes and seas !

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