According to incomplete statistics, the number of programmers in China has exceeded 200 ten thousand , Although compared with the past , On the market IT More and more employees , But programmers' pay is still going up . Because compared with the talent gap of enterprises , Existing IT Talent reserve is far from enough .

According to industry wage data released by the National Bureau of statistics last year ,IT The average annual salary of technicians has reached 11 About ten thousand .2018 The highest number of computer graduates enrolled in school is from 30w Up to 50w. More and more news about programmer unemployment in recent years , People's Congress advocating the Internet cold winter , But take the current domestic industry salary to compare with European and American countries ,IT Industry is still the only industry with similar salary .

according to the understanding of , The current Chinese market IT The demand for talents exceeds 30 ten thousand people , But the students of computer major in domestic universities are only
16 ten thousand people , Far from meeting the needs of the market . Talent gap is still large , So , Many non computer related majors want to study through the training course , Transfer to IT field , But I'm afraid I can't find the right job after training , Stop and watch .

that , What's done IT What happened to the trainees ?
Other enterprises , I don't know much about the class , Here are two examples of students studying in the workshop :

Chen classmate

Classmate Chen is a workshop Web Front end students , Original major: advertising design , After graduating from University, I went to work for an advertising company in Wuhan , a monthly salary 2000, Only one day off a week . low wages , Don't talk about the lack of rest time , There's a lot of messy stuff , The most important thing is that there is no ability to improve . A chance chance , He learned that his brother-in-law studied in the workshop and found a high paid job , Inspired , So in 17 July, 2008 , To the training center in Wuhan . Only 6 Months , I joined a technology company when I graduated , The monthly salary is nearly ten thousand .


Xiaoshen's experience sounds like that of the elite in the TV series “ Fight against monsters and upgrade ” Against the attack . Before coming to the workshop to study , She's a college graduate for seven years , After resignation , give birth to a child , A full-time mom in a job window . When entering the workshop , Xiaoshen has been away from work for three years , At the bottom of the business . But it was a chance coincidence , She joined the workshop cloud computing class , It was the only special student in the class at that time . Although I have graduated for seven or eight years , But Xiaoshen soon entered the learning state , Two months after admission , Her grades are already at the top of her class , Some small projects can be operated independently . A few days after graduation , Xiaoshen was hired by a famous bank in China offer, Post of operation and maintenance engineer , Nine to five at work , Starting salary 13.5K+20% Commission + Additional allowance , Guaranteed annual income 20 ten thousand . Now let's look back , Xiaoshen often feels like a million .

I read the real cases of the above two students , I believe that everyone has their own measure in mind .

Like any other road in the world , from IT Among trainees from training institutions , Someone has a bright future , Some people live ordinary lives , Some people complain . It depends on what kind of training institution you choose , It also depends on your efforts , The so-called ice Rome , Not a day's cold , If you want to achieve something, you have to keep trying .

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