Since wechat and QQ, SMS is rarely used , But we still get it on our cell phones " reply TD Unsubscribe " Message for , Do you want to reply ? Let me tell you today !


Information may include

Marketing information

On brand day , Will browse information based on your users , Or purchase record , Send some price reduction messages later .


But I want to say that I lack that 10 A dollar man , What I lack is 1000 block .



Although we don't often use SMS anymore , But there's still a lot of spam coming in , Because in general, SMS will be displayed on the desktop , Sent by such information "TD", It is generally recommended not to reply to messages , To avoid information theft .


Different situations after reply

Unsubscribe successfully

I summon up my courage , Heart horizontal , Replied "TD", I didn't expect to receive a second response , And unsubscribed successfully . I don't think there will be any news to disturb for a while .


No response

Another is sending "TD" After information , No response , And there is no follow-up message , I guess it may be used to check account activity , After reply , More messages will be pushed later .


How to avoid ?

* ignore , We can just ignore it , Received with TD After message information , We don't care what we see , Not to mention other forms of reply , It's just like I haven't seen it .
* Delete directly , Or blacklist the information sent by the number , Avoid receiving spam again .
* Spam Killer , Specify keyword block , We can set " Keyword blacklist ", Direct input  , The system will automatically detect , And for TD Block messages in words .


Cell phone spam is really annoying ! That's how you usually deal with the garbage ?

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