from now on , Cherish time , Enrich your life
Please be quiet , Think about what you really want
from now on , Eat only healthy food
from now on , Complete half of the work already done
from now on , Change the way you speak
from now on , Feel the beauty of deep breath
Mother's hand , Have you ever held it ?
from now on , Do some exploration and Research on the unknown field
Hang a small blackboard at home
from now on , Get moving
Enjoy a fragrant , Hot bubble bath
Buy a change can , Save some pocket money
Spend the day with a child
Clean your closet
Invite a friend to see one at home DVD
One day a week for vegetarians
Go to a small street or alley which is close to you but has never been to before
Start from today. , Forget someone or something that has been bothering you for a long time
Set up a new account for a particular item you want to buy
With a pen , Write a letter to someone special
Do it yourself , Draw a picture , Mounted
Make a dream diary
Do you want to be a volunteer ? Take action !
Go for a walk with my father
Write a long letter to your future child
Cook for love
Today, have a drink
Start a novel , And then go for publishing
To find a lost friend
Take a tent , Go camping
Clean your refrigerator
create new styles , Design a card by yourself
Just yourself , Against the moon
Before traveling abroad , After reading a book about the country
Read an art popularization book
Go to the studio and sing
Find an opportunity , Set up a red line for friends
Enjoy one day in amusement park
To visit an old friend
Learning to taste tea
Moving furniture , Rearrange them
Sit in the dark for a while
Go to the cinema in the daytime , Watch a movie that makes you cry
Remove the watch , Turn off the phone , A quiet day
Buy an elegant notebook , Write a diary
Have a regular physical examination
Find a time , Mend an old thing
Organize your photos
Plant a fresh plant
Design your desk
Take a course that interests you
Do some labors
Take a purposeless trip
Visit the Museum
Watch several documentaries
Go to the junk market
Observe the course of bloom
Read a book before going to bed
A long voyage by boat , To the middle of the sea
If it's boring , Why not learn an instrument ?
Find a temple , Listen to the master
Listen to the old song
Take a nap
Talk to an old man
Creativity , Go to a fancy dress party
People who like baking are all good Samaritans
To the airport , Spend indecisive time
Once a year
by train , go on a journey
From inside out , Clean up your computer
People who believe in simple life , Don't watch TV
Starting now , Fear of choosing visitors in life
Plan a regular rest for yourself
From now on , Be gentle with others
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