<> One , Before the interview , Three big steps for you 90% competitor ( It's all dry )

<>1. Understand the basic situation of the company
a. Is the industry of the company promising b History and structure of the company c. What are the company's products and projects ( View on official website )
<>2. Focus on that piece of Technology , Key review ( Serious spending 2h Right and left )
Through the company's official website or regular recruitment website , View the position description of the company , Mainly pay attention to the introduction of qualifications , The front is full of Mandarin , The later, the more important .
<>3. Research the company's products , Ask questions
a. User community b.PC Functional research c.APP End function research ( opinion ) d. What is the comparison of similar products ( Similar products )
<>ps: Overcome inertia , Follow the routine
Do one thing with your heart , Impossible to fail
<> Two , During the interview , Ten key points to attract interviewers in seconds

<>1. Good character , A normal talker
1) Prepare to introduce yourself ( Highlight practical experience , Not a hobby , Very important , Practice more ) 2) Talk freely , No small movements ( Leg shaking , Touch the head, etc ) 3) Clean and tidy clothes
4) Know how to be grateful , No company , teacher , boss , Bad words from colleagues
<>2. Good working attitude , A conscientious man
5) Whether everything is based on the company's affairs ( Work first ) 6) Overtime problems ( Should not be asked during an interview , There is also the problem of five insurances and one fund ) 7) Talk about salary ( Accept that the lower the salary, the better , Have faith in yourself )
<>3. Love your career , Reasonable career planning
8) reflection : Will work bring you happiness ? At least three years of career planning , Pay attention to rationality ( Do not enlarge , It's not small ) First year , Multiple learning The second year , Learning big data , Artificial intelligence, etc
The third year , Improve your soft power , Strive to promote management position
<>4. Love learning , People who like to improve themselves ( Try to show the first four points in the interview )
9) Participate in training related to the job ( Use your spare time , Weekends and evenings ) 10) Express recent xxx Technology interest , Under study
PS: Treat interview with heart , The interviewer can feel it

<> Three , In technical interview , Questions not to be asked
Don't ask questions that have nothing to do with technology ( salary , work overtime , Five risks, one fund, etc )
<> At the end of the interview , Interviewer asked : Do you have any more questions ? Be sure to ask , But it has to do with technology
Product issues ? Technical issues ? What technology does the product use ? big data , How does artificial intelligence work ?
PS: Improper questioning often ruins your interview .

<> Eight , Successful nuclear weapons in the workplace 7A+ Soft power theory

<>1. Hard power : Technical capability
1) The foundation of the workplace 2) Hard to improve in a short time 3) Main impact on work
<>2. soft power : communicate , cooperation , Management ability
1) The key to career promotion 2) Rapid improvement in a short time 3) soft power , All aspects affecting work and life
<>7A+ Soft power theory

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