Out of trouble , Stress free campus , Towards many troubles , A stressed Society . There's no one skill , How to stand out from the millions of College Students , obtain employment , housing , marry , Towards the peak of life .

      Rapid development of science and technology , Computer Internet industry is booming , The rise of artificial intelligence . Programmers have become a hot potato in recent years , High wages , More jobs , No doubt it's a very good choice .

however , Employment opportunities and high wages are also preconditions , First of all, most of these jobs are in big cities like beishangguang , So it's inevitable to leave home , Go out to work . To be a stranger in a foreign land alone , Think twice about your family every holiday . Maybe just a year ago, you won't feel anything , Because you are young , Single , Not so much , Just make money . But a year later , Three years later , Five years later , Ten years later ? Can you work outside all your life ? Buying houses in big cities , I think for most people, the chances are slim .

Always thinking , enjoy while one can , Have fun in time , Who knows what's going on , Why do you think so much . But you don't want to think about it , Life will push you forward . parent , spouse , Even society , I'll push you to think , Parents can't wait for you , Spouse only wants to have a bright future , The continuous development of society is gradually eliminating some people . Don't you have a plan for the future ? My parents always ask me , What to do in the future ? I always say , What's the hurry , I only worked for a year . Actually, I don't have an answer myself . The golden age of programmers , It's really too short , probably 30 When you are old, you will face the crisis of layoff , Some people may easily transfer to management posts , But most people , Entrepreneurship ? Go home and find a job ? Or open a supermarket Internet bar ?

Last time I watched hot news , Found a 35 Year old programmer turned to take away , It's a little sad . Although I don't think I'll be so miserable in the future , At least I will try my best to turn to management or senior experts .

Working in Beijing for more than one year , Renting , having dinner , Which one hasn't been bothered by people ? For programmers who work in other places , Maybe every month when I get paid, I will feel that hard work pays off . Two or three years later , Facing to buy a house again , The question of marriage . Give up Beijing's high salary and go home to buy a house ? Or run at both ends ? Believe that any choice will make you more than entangled . Sometimes I feel , I chose to work in Beijing , Is it the right choice ? But at least for now , I think it's absolutely right , As a rural child without background , It is undoubtedly a good opportunity and challenge , Big deal 30 I earn enough money to go back to my hometown and start my own business ! I always think it's too far , But I have to make a general plan for the future , Because you need to give your family and your spouse a promising future , You're not alone , You'll be dragging your family in the future , There will be a lot of responsibilities .

It's still a society of money , You can't move without money , I'm very lucky that I chose the programmer industry , No matter what happens in the future , At least I can lay a solid foundation for the future , Share some financial pressure for parents . No one knows what will happen in the future , Maybe ten years later 30 The year old programmer is popular ? therefore , No matter what troubles you have at this stage , What are the difficulties , Keep going , Strive for a better life in the future , Instead of worrying about your career .

It'll be all right on the night. , Cross the bridge when you come to it . Now Is Good , Do a good job of your own at this stage . look ahead into the future and back into the past , It's better to go home and farm , Decisiveness in killing , Square man . I'm still young , I still have a lot of time to lay the foundation for the future . Come on , Programmers , Don't worry about the future , Today's efforts will pay off in the future . of course , Also pay attention to your body and hairline ! Body is the capital of revolution , The hairline is about our handsome image !


        Above opinions , It's all personal .


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