2011 year 11 month 18 day , From all over the country , Students in Colleges and universities are full of java
3G Yearning for Internet development , Yes android The expectation of new technology enters the school of business boat , Started the journey to study . in a flash , Over the year of the rabbit , Enter the year of the Dragon , More than three months have passed , You have android A layman of android Junior and intermediate development programmers of , Successfully completed the study , About to open a new chapter in life . I feel really happy . On behalf of the school, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to you , To all participants android
A1111 Thank you to all the staff of the training program !

Android It's a new technology , The future is bright , When we choose employment training courses , Guided by the principle of employment ,android Curriculum system has become the only choice .Android Software integrating the mobile phone industry chain , Hardware , chip , Industrial resources of operators , Open a new era for the great development of mobile phone industry , Build an unprecedented huge ecosystem in the field of mobile phones ,android Prosperity is everyone's prosperity ,android The development of mobile phone industry chain , This win-win model , A large number of well-known international and domestic enterprises have been created and developed , They are borrowing android The east wind set sail again . Students , You have the honor to be part of it , You are fish ,android The ecosystem is a sea , It's just like a fish in water , You're right .

 Android Software Engineer vocational development education is a new thing , We stroked the stone across the river , Pay close attention to the quality of teaching , Elaborate course content , Combining with the actual teaching plan, carefully deploy the learning project , Strict assessment of homework in class and after class , Step by step implementation of project plan , Good results have been achieved . At the devil's training request , Your learning ability has been fully explored , Maximize knowledge absorption , Under the idea of not pulling down one , The students are all developers who dare to take responsibility . You're like a good kid here , Strive to complete a learning task , I'm touched ; I think you're idiots here , Transfer development instructions of handlebars , Accumulated the most original development experience and turned it into your own , Practice proves our android There are still problems in education , Need to be improved , Thank you for your valuable comments , Let's grow and progress , Can serve you better .

Android Vocational education is a technical education project , It's also a quality education project . In three months of study , Under my strict requirements , Everyone showed a good learning attitude , Actively deal with one difficulty and obstacle after another in learning and project , Good results . With the joint efforts of all of you , late , Leave early , Truancy is very rare , Those who fail to achieve their assignments and projects are almost extinct . As a quasi professional , You have shown a good professional style , Class leaders and group leaders also give full play to the leading role of vanguard and model , Show good team spirit . I hope you will continue to maintain a good working style in the future , Be an excellent professional .

  Three months of study is short , In the learning atmosphere of competing against time , We have accumulated knowledge , Training the practical experience of the project . Let's review these precious times , And give you some suggestions . from java Basic knowledge to android technological development , You have mastered and used object-oriented , thread , network , data ,web And so on , Yes android Component technology , Multi-Media , animation , relevant api Made in-depth study , And complete the corresponding projects 7 individual . But don't settle for the status quo , make still further progress , further more , There is no end to learning ,android We're just preliminary development , Want better development , Only with more effort .

  Now it's time to finish , The problem of employment has been lingering in the minds of students , The power of school real-time organization , Actively carry out school enterprise cooperation , In just three games android Special recruitment , Half of our students have set up employment units , Proved his strength . There will be a two-way meeting in the afternoon , I hope you are well prepared , Try to get what you want offer. Students , Do a good job of employment service for everyone , We have no objection , Please rest assured , We're just starting employment work , You have a skill , Project accumulation , Have good professional quality , Finally enter the software industry android Development is inevitable , I don't believe it will take more than a month , I have faith in you . Implemented unit's , There's even 3-4 home offer We must cherish the opportunity in front of us , Choose a family according to your own situation . Remember what I said : You don't work for three months android work , You're going to be a blank sheet of paper . Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared , So please don't relax your requirements , Please be ready .

        Students , You are my pride !

         Especially remember , stay java Basic class hours , You are working on the project , round the clock , Collaboration , Completed the designated notepad and chat room projects in the shortest time .

Especially remember , stay android near 2 Months of study , You study for android The tireless eyes of knowledge , Gave up almost all the free time to complete the project , One victory after another , teach 1 The lights , You are our best friend , It lights up the hearts of all of us .

  Here , I would also like to congratulate the students who have implemented the employment unit ! To the colleagues on the front line A1111 Pay homage to the study and employment of the class ! Congratulations to all the students who have obtained the graduation certificate ! To everyone who is about to enter the society , Congratulations to the students who realize themselves !

         Students , You are the first class of Business School android Students in the experimental class , You succeed , Business school is the only way to succeed , Your brilliance , Will make the school more brilliant !

         Become a android Developer Programmer , Start a new starting point of students' life , I hope you will set sail , Enter the society , Work hard , Successful career , Create a better new life !

        thank you !

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