The annual college start season comes again .

        The former campus is now full of excitement , It's just that it's a day for freshmen to check in .

        All kinds of new year slogans can be seen everywhere on campus . People's faces are full of smiles , you 're right , They are here to send their children to school .

actually , early , I saw such a news ,** University begins , A new family 15 Send students to school , For such a matter, netizens can be said to have different opinions . For me , Although I reported to the University alone when I started school , But I don't object to parents sending students to report , even to the extent that , I also have some regrets , I didn't ask my parents to send me .

you bet , In the report office , We can be seen everywhere , Father was carrying heavy luggage , Mother was carrying a heavy package , Only newborn hands are the lightest , Always carrying a schoolbag , File bag in hand . Seeing this , I think it's normal , No objection , And they don't support it , If children can help their parents , But don't let your parents do all the hard work . Maybe some people will say that such a child is unfilial , Not considerate of parents , No independence , contrary , I think that when this happens , Most of the children are still very independent , We can't feel that this classmate is unfilial just on the basis of a small matter . Registration of Freshmen , It takes a lot of formality , At this time, parents often don't know much about the admission process , therefore , Children hold less things in their hands, which can facilitate children to fill in various forms , Go through all kinds of procedures .

        actually ,
From the day of registration in our university , It's the beginning of our real leaving home , It's also the beginning of a truly independent life . So maybe the parents just want to help their children the day before they really live on their own , Be considerate of children , Because after college, there are too few days for them to get together , It's too short .

night , At dinner , I happened to meet a family of three eating . They are also the family members of the freshmen who report to the school , They flew Hainan to Beijing , It's not necessary to say all the way . But the happy end is also obvious , you bet , They have been waiting too long for this day . During meals , Both parents gave their children some rice from their plates , I'm afraid the child will be hungry at night , There is no place to solve it , Students see me , There was a hint of embarrassment , Actually, I can understand , Give him a straight smile . My mother said it all the time , Ask the children about their eating habits ? Is the food very spicy ? The meal is half eaten , My classmate's chopsticks fell to the ground , Mother quickly took out a paper towel to wipe the roots of the students , Students in the period of changing chopsticks , Mother put only a few pieces of meat in her lunch box into her classmate's rice . It's a small thing , But enough to show the parents love .

classmate , May your college life be colorful , Also wish all parents in the world healthy and happy , The work went well .

so far , Or some regret not let my parents send me to school , I think , That moment should also be a very glorious thing for them . be ashamed !

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