In high school , See one side of the article , Zuckerberg's , A gifted young programmer ,20 It was developed at the age of 18 facebook This great social networking site . Maybe he was my idol then , In fact, I don't really like programming , It's just that programming makes money , At that time, I saw that a software could sell for millions , be shocked .

And then after the college entrance examination , No hesitation in computer science —— Computer science and technology , I'm sorry to think of it now , Why don't you report directly to software engineering . In fact, it didn't affect me after four years of college , Because I'm still an Internet addict in essence , From junior high school to University , Internet addiction is very big . I thought I was interested in programming and computers , Actually, I'm interested in playing computer games . alas , That's all , Internet addiction really wastes me a lot of time , A bitter tear , Who is to blame , Blame myself , I didn't get the idea earlier .

Now I finally realize the harm of Internet addiction , It's really a loss of ambition , I like to play lol and pubg, Playing for so long is just a waste of time and youth , I have no talent for a career , No matter how much you like playing games, it's no use , You can't feed yourself by playing games . Now I just want to be a programmer seriously , I keep telling myself : Since college, you didn't take the opportunity lol Beat the king , Now try to be a great programmer !

  Set yourself a goal , Stop doing meaningless things . I used to play games just to play black with my friends , It's meaningless to think about it now , Forget it, forget it , That's all , The past is the past , Don't waste the present and the future . Now nothing else is important to learn programming well !

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