It's all ready to go. Follow the example

Here comes the question , Never Restart the service manually every time you modify it perhaps Ctrl + R Refresh the app , Too late .

Let's do it   install gulp and gulp-watch and electron-connect modular

establish gulpfile.js The content is as follows
const gulp = require('gulp') const watch = require('gulp-watch') const
electron = require('electron-connect').server.create()
gulp.task('watch:electron', function(){ electron.start() watch(['./main.js'],
electron.restart) watch(['./index.html'], electron.reload) })
gulp electron:electron Start task , Then modify main.js Restart normal , Try modifying again index.html, heavy load Starting
'bound' ... It's stuck here

The solution needs to be index.html Insert a sentence in it JS code
Retest business as usual .

Give it a try

npm install electron-packager

Under configuration package.json
"scripts": { "pack": "electron-packager . myClient --platform=win32
--arch=x64 --app-version=0.0.1 --electron-version=4.0.5 --ignore=node_modules"
npm run pack Note that parameters need to be added ---ignore=node_modules Otherwise, it gets stuck

Because of the time used by the front end of the previous project Polymer

Start testing Polymer Can we do it again Electron Run inside

npm install polymer-cli

polymer init

Choose first polymer2.0 Normal operation

Reselect polymer3.0 because polymer3.0 Using import Import module's  

node Not supported import Only supported require Installation required babel take import Import method into require

Then try again report errors

Final inspection Electron Embedded Chrome Version is 68, Release time is 2018 year 8 month , This time polymer3.0 I haven't come out yet ,
68 Probably right polymer3.0 Some features of are not supported

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