Do you understand , We have a large number of software companies in China , Their software development teams are very small , Even if 1-3 personal , Not even a project team , But such a team has to undertake all the software development tasks of a software company , During the critical phase of software launch and development, team members need to work overtime day and night , You need to test out BUG And the function of software module that can't be submitted on time .

Sometimes if you unfortunately join the field development team, you need to leave your hometown and say goodbye to your girlfriend , Closed development , In addition to coding, you usually eat and sleep . Rich companies even hire a nanny to cook for you , In order to save you more time to put into work , Let you rest when you are tired , The state of working immediately without tiredness .

What's worse , The relationships that will bring you into contact are very single , You can hardly see people in other industries and positions except for a limited number of technicians , Your circle of friends is small and single , Even destroy your original love

Maybe you got the so-called white-collar salary , But you lose the freedom to enjoy life , If you want to be a technician, especially a developer , I think you'll understand soon , How you want to stay in a place for a long time , Meet some friends , The desire for more time to live .

Compared with our life, interpersonal relationship and work , Those who are engaged in pre-sales and market development , But there's more time out of work than we have , Even their working hours are sometimes compatible with their living hours , They can use market development , Get to know people from all walks of life , You can meet all kinds of friends , They have more opportunities to get rich and develop than we have to be frank , As long as they work as hard as we do .( There is a kind of hard-working ordinary people , If you change places for him , He will soon become a diligent and outstanding man .)

You don't even think , If I'm good enough , I started my own business , I have venture capital , Because I'm a technologist .

If you think that , It's a big mistake , You can do a survey among the unskilled , Few people know C# And JAVA Of , Let alone appreciate whether your technology is good or not . in a word , Technology is just a tool , Someone who is good at using this tool to work for others , But they are not very good at using this tool to start their own businesses , Because these are two concepts , Training skills are totally different .
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At the beginning of the business , Your relationships , Your ability to deal with relationships , Your understanding of the hidden rules of society , And you don't understand other people's hearts , Would you say something that people like , And how you plan and sell the services you provide , Maybe 10000 , A million issues worthy of our attention , But you'll find that technology is rarely included in this 10000 or a million , If you have reached a stage of rapid success , You'll tell yourself that : Why should I do it myself , I'll hire someone else , That's when you really understand the power of technology , And your role as a technician .

Friends, you know what ? No matter how skilled you are , You can't free up time to study like other people LINUX Source code , Even write a LINUX A masterpiece to show your talent .

All you need to do is write the code as required , The meaning of writing code is to stipulate , You write according to the rules , You will soon find the code you wrote yesterday , It's a lot like today's code , Wait for you to write the code for a while , You will appreciate : copy , Copy , How important it is for you to paste technology like that .

If you're lucky enough to hear the marketing people talking , Or leaders talking , You'll have a vague impression that they're all looking at technicians as coding machines , Your value is not as important as you think .

And within your team , You may be discussing a technical problem with your colleagues , Because he doesn't agree with you , You don't agree with him , You all think you're right , You're both right , And the purpose of the argument is to prove that you are better than the other side in key situations , Better than each other .

Summary :

Based on the above discussion , I advise those who study technology , Never take the attitude of imperial examination to learn technology , A near obsession with learning technology , Want to master all the technology , To become an authority and expert in the field of Technology , When it's necessary or when you're not happy, go to the Internet and tell the rookie that you're a senior .

Technology is just a tool , It's a tool for you to survive at one stage of your life , You can love him all your life , But it's better not to live on it all your life .

The only purpose of mastering technology is to find a job with it ( If you don't want technology as your second life ), Just work . So you should never do the so-called technical exercises or study the cap bubble algorithm while studying , Maximum algorithm , What is work ?

Is to make something for others to use , Someone else used it , Can improve their work efficiency , Imagine it , You do 1 What's the use of ten thousand technical exercises ? It's just sour , Still learning , Cultivate more pragmatic attitude .

Whether you're learning technology to find a job or start a business , You need to have a clear understanding of technology , Not in China Bill
Gates, because , At present, China does not respect technical talents very much , Still just stay in the awkward situation of using software technology talents as talent machines .

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