I don't know when to start , The little yellow duck, once a plastic toy with the same frame as the bubble bath , Because of its lovely appearance, it is loved by countless young people .



In the trend of the times , The little yellow duck is unstoppable once it is popular . More and more kinds of ducklings are coming into our sight : Tiktok , Zhou Dongyu duck , Hyaluronic acid duck …… Even Donald Duck and reachable duck, who have been silent for many years, are turning red .



Even in daily chat ,“ How do you do ” Also adored “ Hello duck ” Replaced by .



however , The relationship between Red duck and procedural ape , How do they get together ?


The debugging method of little yellow duck originated from that famous classic book 《 The Pragmatic Programmer 》.


it's said that , There's a great programmer who likes to take a little yellow duck with him .



Maybe it's just a bath habit he's had since childhood , Or maybe it's a memento from one of his girlfriends . For whatever reason , No matter how many computers he changed , This little yellow duck has never been absent .

Whenever someone asks this question , He always smiles , Mysteriously speaking :


“ It's a secret .”


The questioner is always unwilling , Whenever this time , They're always starting to speculate . Programmers never explain , The rumors are getting more and more outrageous .


such as , Little yellow duck is the wife of a master programmer ; Master programmer has mental illness , You can only rely on the little yellow duck to make you feel at ease ; Little yellow duck is actually an artificial intelligence robot and so on .



A very casual night , When a young programmer passed the programmer's window , Heard the program master's murmur . Driven by curiosity , The young man peeked in .


The master programmer is patiently explaining the function of each line of code he wrote to this little yellow duck !


This surprised the young people . Do you mean , This little yellow duck can understand human language ?


At this time , When the young man saw the master programmer, he suddenly saw the light , A pair of hands leaped on the keyboard .

“ Here's the problem ! Thank you .”

That scared the young man to flee back to his room .


This little yellow duck , Not only can we understand human language , It can also help programmers find BUG! therefore , He can become a programmer , It's because he has this little yellow duck ! If I get this little yellow duck , So I'm the master programmer !



Young people's ideas excite them , The desire to become a master of programming defeated all his senses . therefore , He stole the duckling .



Sitting in front of the computer , Facing thousands of lines of code , Young people learn to be masters of programming , Start to explain the function of each line of code to little yellow duck .

What puzzled him was , The duckling didn't respond at all . He hesitated , But when I think back to that day, the master programmer talked for a long time , He reassured himself .



That's it. , Talk, talk , Young people suddenly come to light , I found what I had been searching for before, but I couldn't find it BUG.

“ original …… this much !”

The young man couldn't help shouting .


“ you 're right , this much . Little yellow duck is just a common plastic toy , It's you who solve the problem .”


Behind the young people came the voice of the master programmer , It turned out that the programmer had long found that the little yellow duck had been stolen by the young man .



of course , It's just a story , But it's not just a story .


actually , This phenomenon is very common , be called  “Cone of Answers”
. When people talk about and explain their problems , At the same time, they are also pushing themselves to sort out ideas , Rethink the problem . Whether listening to people or things , In the process of explaining the problem , Will magnify the discordance , And the problem becomes easier to solve .


What to meet next time BUG Time , Just try a little yellow duck .



But if the duckling can't solve it , also “ Huizhi Power College ” duck !


The teachers of Huizhi Power College not only have professional skills , Also has the rich project actual combat experience . With such a strong faculty escort , Of course, there is no need to talk about the quality of teaching .


Huizhi Power College and people's post and Telecommunications Press , Science Press co published several software testing textbooks , Cooperate with many universities to establish software testing classroom system . Hard power should not be underestimated !


Huizhi power focuses on software testing and JAVA Develop talent training , Help thousands of students to achieve IT dream !



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