I didn't expect that ,Python First again ! stay Google In the published popular index of programming languages ,Python Still the most popular technology language in the world !  

Why? Python It will be so hot ?

Core or because the enterprise needs to use it !

Because it's easy to use , Simple logic and massive expansion package , Not only has it become AI Preferred language for , And in data analysis ,Web, The same is true of reptiles and other fields !

however , What's the best about it : Various modules that can be made in other languages ( in especial C/C++/Java/PHP/ front end ) It's easy to connect .

It's not hard to understand , Why are many programming jobs now , Are required to be able to use Python Interface .

No exaggeration : No matter what programming language you're working on , learn Python, Sooner or later, it will be useful !

therefore ,CSDN Invite domestic senior Python teacher , Launched by Zhou Yuhang's team 《Python Training camp 3.0》 course , So far, it has exceeded 10000+ Programmer learning !

today , I recommend it to you again ! Today it's just 0 Yuan can be obtained   Audition course ! And in the process of learning , Live online communication with teachers at any time and every day !

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Why recommendatory Python ?

You know, a big guy told me to do it himself Python The real feelings of these years :

“Python Too efficient , Spend every day in the ninth evening and the sixth middle school , I need to find something interesting to do from time to time . Nothing to do , The property of blind toss broke out , Otherwise, I can't tell my superiors .

"Python To be able to make a big show in various fields . No matter the whole stack , Reptile , data mining , artificial intelligence ,Web development ,Python Everything can be done ."

So with this advantage , At present, almost all large and medium-sized Internet in the industry are using Python. as :YouTube, Douban , Zhihu ,Google, Baidu , tencent , Car house , Meituan, etc .

For what? ? Why? ?

know the actual cause : Is that we are in a fast disappearing era ,IT The inevitable choice of circle . Because of the same function , Other languages need to be written 100 That's ok , and Python Just write 10 That's ok , Efficiency first .

One of my back-end friends , The boss thinks he's slow to code , Function online not in time , I'm fired for not even passing the probation period ! It's not really alarmist , True story , To be dismissed in the new year , The difficulty of finding a job is conceivable ……

We don't have so much time to waste on Preparation and coolie , Fast implementation of functions , To be the best in this era . And this kind of talent , It is the best choice for enterprises to recruit .

and Python Solve this problem perfectly , therefore , Clear goals are right in front of us , Would you like to try ? Recommended here CSDN Self supporting courses 《Python Special training camp 》,
Include Basics + Reptile +Web+ Full stack + Data analysis + Machine learning all ,10 Enterprise level projects help you grow faster , The actual combat content will be updated every year ! If you need it , And CSDN My little sister ~

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Training camp is more than training , Pay more attention to learning for application :

Video anytime + Weekly live : Recording and broadcasting + live broadcast + Multi dimension teaching mode of offline practical training , Time free / Geographical restrictions , You can easily arrange time for study ;

Unified schedule , You can't learn “ To be practiced alone ”: By the head teacher , assistant , lecturer , Unified progress tracking , Homework guidance , You can't master until you pass ;

Enterprise level project practice , Learn to go to work : Take real enterprise cases as training objectives , Learning is work , So that we can apply what we have learned ;

Except for the main course , There are also large factories , Introversion : In order to let the students of this course learn more , Career counselors provide career guidance , I'll earn my tuition after I finish my study ;


Why choose CSDN college  ?

CSDN found 20 Years old , Step by step to be used by millions of people IT community , No one knows better than us what technology people really need .

We don't need empty checks , You just need to learn to use it , I just need money making skills that make my life better . Our goal is not complicated , Maybe it's just a change of apartment for my parents , Change a bag for my wife , Change the baby Pad, Change your car . We are the most reluctant to eat the old , Just want to live a better life on your own .

CSDN Understand you , Also understand education , Compared with other classes ,CSDN The college has its own service and curriculum system , Our content and service attitude have been recognized by numerous students .

and CSDN《Python Training camp 》, Fast upgrade according to market and hot spots every year , Invite in-house experts for review ,10 Large enterprise project +15 Cases ,
The course involves finance , manufacturing , Medical industry , Insurance , government , Telecommunication and other industries .

This is all about doing Python Areas to be covered , what's more CSDN Can do job recommendation and counseling , Take care of everyone's growth .

The tutorial of human language version + A humorous teacher + Considerate TA answers questions at any time + Attentive and serious head teacher supervises school , I hope you like it ~

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Free course audition + Live group + Course benefits

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