It's almost done programming 8 Years old , Whether you can be a programmer or not has nothing to do with your education , But it doesn't mean there's no barrier to learning programming , It would be quite difficult to learn programming with a high school degree or below , After all, compared with other industries, the threshold of programming is still relatively high , How many people are interested in programming , And then I bought a lot of books , It's really fun to start learning , And then when it's hard, it's hard , When you meet more times, you start to shrink back or put the books aside , Even the next time I see a book, it's half a year before I clean it , In the case of similar educational background , To learn programming well, we have to work hard , How hard you work .

<> What is the employment prospect of programming ?

After more than ten years' development of domestic software , It can't be said that the industry is very mature , At least the software industry has made great progress , In the simplest sense, finding a software developer in a third tier city is basically a rare species , Now there are small software companies coming out , Especially driven by smart cities and smart campuses , In the past, many programmers in the first tier cities shouted that they could not find a suitable job in their hometown, which would gradually change .

Of course, the main force of programmers is still in the first or second tier cities , Maybe a lot of people think software is not easy to find a job now , Now the competition of learning software is too fierce , There is not much room for development , But I see that there are still high salaries in the recruitment advertisements of companies all over the world , This is the most direct proof of market demand. As long as the ability is in place, you can still find a well paid job , But now the market is demanding for new programmers , It's not as easy to get a job as it was at first , Especially those who spent a lot of money on training , Find out that after training, you can't find the right job directly , The psychological expectation is relatively large after the main training , It turns out that's not the case at all , So a lot of rumors spread, and now the development software is not easy to deal with , It's hard to find a job , But now it's tempting for big companies to ask for salaries , At present, the actual situation of soft armour market in China is that it's not easy to find a job just after entering the industry , A large number of middle and senior R & D engineers are vacant in the market .

From the overall direction of software , The market demand is still very large , It's not difficult to get the ideal salary after learning well .

<> How much influence does education have on programming ?

1. Too low education has a huge impact on programming , Especially when it comes to some complex algorithms , If you don't have a mathematical foundation, it will be very big , An algorithm can take a long time . If English is not good, it will have a huge impact on reading documents , Inability to read authentic documents can also reduce learning efficiency .

2. In theory, high school or above can learn programming , But it doesn't mean that if you have a degree, programming is a good choice , As a programmer for more than ten years , I still miss my college days , Because it takes time to make up for knowledge after work , And it's harder to squeeze time after you start a family , So don't hesitate if there's an opportunity for further study , Go straight to further study . Programming mainly focuses on a training process of programming basis and programming consciousness , The basic programming itself contains the factors of educational background , But not the most important , The foundation is a long process , So we can make it up in time , Make up for it with hard work .

3. The core idea of programming is programming consciousness , It's called programming experience , This requires real project practice , And find a way to do that , So many people in the interview process , Interviewers often ask about their role in the project , What difficulties are encountered in the project and how to overcome them , These are real project experiences , More experiences , There are many difficulties to overcome , The ability naturally goes up. The most important thing an enterprise needs is a master with this ability , And this kind of need real project , On this road, the impact of education can not be said not to have no , Relatively poor .

Often see people with low education background , Very high programming technology , But it doesn't mean to give up when there is an opportunity to further study .

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