Title , Small devil town building .

I mentioned it in an old article , Young people should not have glass heart in the workplace , To stand the beating , But also mentioned , As a manager , We should learn to respect young people , And give enough trial and error opportunities .

of course , I mentioned fault tolerance in my old article , Young people should also allow managers to be unprofessional , Not friendly enough .

When I was learning English recently , Because it involves some workplace content , So this kind of course content , It's all right , That's right , How should managers respect young people's emotions , How to encourage the achievement and progress of young people , And use Euphemism to express criticism and suggestions .

But I'm sorry , I'd like to say that , The reality is more and more incorrect .

In many films and TV works , All kinds of domineering Presidents , Give orders to subordinates , In fact, the workplace is not so exaggerated , Many Internet companies , The relationship between superiors and subordinates is easy-going , And a lot of startups , Thirsty for talent , Some business owners treat key employees as their masters .

For quite a long time in the past two decades , The humanization of Internet companies is really not a few slogans .

But we still have to do logic .

What logic , I'm sorry , And say something that some people may not like to hear , personnel , It's a resource , And the assets of the company , Intellectual property rights of the company , The company's brand is the same , All resources , So called human resources , That's a very clear term . Since it's a resource , Existing transaction and valuation , No matter how good or how hard you think you are , In the human resources market , You will have your own price , This price is what the recruiter is willing to pay you .

So what I've been emphasizing last year , Although it was scolded by many people , But a lot of people who scold me don't look at logic at all , What is the current situation of human resource market , There are so many new students killed every year , And the employer's human resource needs , Is synchronization really increasing , I've talked about the market situation I'm familiar with ,2018 At the beginning of the year , Several giants are expanding their forces for war .2015-2018 year , We can see that including blockchain , Internet Finance , Sharing economy ,AI field , A lot of investment , A large number of jobs , Large amount of capital flow , And then there's the e-commerce war , Hundred regiment war , A taxi fight, etc . So those years , Driven by capital and market increment , Talent is on the rise , Although a large number of new people enter the market , But there's still room for digestion , Include byte runout , New giants like pinduoduo , To challenge the old giant , Still trying to raise the salary level of high-level talents in the industry .

But here we are 2019 year , All of a sudden , All armistice , Think about it , Do you feel it . Not only the armistice , Many fields suddenly cool , The hot money in the capital circle is gone , Even the king like sun Zhengyi began to shiver . So this year , I don't need to say more , Add a change , Not too much .

Long winded for a long time , Is to repeat the fact , A fact that is crueler this year than last year , Human resource market , At least for the lower middle class of human resources , It's a buyer's market .

that , For enterprises , In the face of new employees and basic employees , Training talents , Appease talents , Take care of employees' emotions and receptivity carefully , So called humanized management , And it becomes , Extremely inefficient , I'm sorry , That's not true , But that's the logic .

What is more efficient , Direct criticism and lessons , And brutal talent elimination rate . Don't want to do it ? There's a lot of candidates waiting in line . In the human resources buyer's market , Select talents , More efficient than training people .

Last year, I talked to some entrepreneurs , I heard , Some tycoons have given up truce in some field , People who have been cut down on a large scale , In the human resources market, there are half paid job seekers . this year , I haven't come back to communicate with my colleagues , But I don't think it's rare .

of course , Excellent talents are still scarce , Excellent talents will still receive all kinds of courtesy from enterprises , But the threshold of excellence is higher and higher , This is also mentioned in the old article .

this year , Young people's workplace , There may be more brutal facts , Reduced pay , Laid off , Or be mercilessly criticized in public , Whether you like it or not . Moderate managers may be fewer and fewer , There may be less and less to take care of your emotions and opinions .

Um. , One more thing , I've been afraid to say it publicly . Actually, since last year , I said it secretly in some groups , You have to understand that the government's goal is employment , After my article last year , Someone left a message saying , Do you understand the labor law , A lot of people like that , Um. , This is what we often say is right . But the reality , Ren Zhengfei said , We never encourage overtime , It's all voluntary . What will happen if you try to do it involuntarily , Not in line with corporate values , Believe it or not .

More pressure on employment this year , Explain too much discord , But I want you to understand what it means to give priority to employment .

I didn't really cause the job crunch , I'm just describing reality , The increase of talent supply is the achievement of Chinese Education , It's not a bad thing for a country , But the talent absorption ability of the industry , But it's not always growing at the same time .

of course , Say the right thing , You just need to be good enough , Can maintain a dominant position in the human resources market , There's nothing wrong with that , All kinds of inspirational self media have such cases , Who I know, who, who , Education background is not high , Background is not strong , With the continuous and unremitting efforts of the individual, the transition of the stratum was realized .

But inspirational cases are always just a few .

For most of the workers still struggling at the bottom , I can only make some incorrect suggestions .

Lower expectations , Stay strong , Recognize the reality .

Everyone wants to go to the right business , Follow the right leadership , Enjoy the right treatment and benefits , Get the right treatment . But reality is often wrong .

Many people think that as long as they stick to the right , Correct extension , You get the right feedback , I'm sorry , The world has never run like this
. I dare not say too much , After all, speaking incorrectly will bring you a lot of unnecessary troubles , But the inevitable lesson of young people's growth , Learning to live with the wrong world .

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