1.java Language is simple

java Language is and c++ Similar in language , secondly java Discarded in c++ Some incomprehensible features of , For example, operator overloading ,java Language does not use pointers , And has a garbage collection mechanism

2.java Language is object-oriented

java Language provides classes , Features such as interface and inheritance , Only single inheritance between classes is supported , But it supports multiple inheritance between interfaces , And it supports the implementation mechanism between classes and interfaces , and java Dynamic binding is fully supported .

3.java Language is distributed

java Language support Internet Application development , stay java When there is a programming interface in programming java,net Interface , It is a class library used to provide network programming ,java Of RMI Mechanism is also an important means to develop distributed applications .

4.java Language is robust

It's abandoned c++ Pointer in , But he has a strong recycling mechanism , Forced type transformation mechanism , Exception handling mechanism , Safety inspection and other important mechanisms .

5.java Language is safe

java Besides the security of language itself , It can also be downloaded through the network class itself has a security mechanism , By assigning different namespaces , Replace local peer name and bytecode check with play , And provide security management mechanism ( class SecurityManager) Give Way java Application set up safe sentry .

6.java Language is cross platform

java Program in Java The platform can be compiled as bytecode file , Independent existence , In any operating system JVM Explain operation on .

7.java Language is multithreaded

java Language supports simultaneous execution of multiple threads , And provide the synchronization mechanism between multiple threads .

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