to configure

Brand and model :Asus/ ASUS N551VW6700
CPU:i7-6700HQ Dominant frequency 2.6GHz, Overfrequency to 3.5GHz
Memory :16GB(DDR4 2133MHz)
Hard disk :512GB SSD Solid state drive ( Weigang )
display :15.6 inch resolving power 1920×1080
Discrete graphics :4G Explicit memory (NVDIA GeForce GTX960M GDDR5)
CD drive :Super-Multi DVD
wireless :802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth V4.0
Battery :56Whr( removable )
External interface :3×USB3.0,RJ-45,HDMI,MiniDP, card reader (SD/SDHC/SDXC), Headphone jack , Microphone jack
weight : Including battery 2.7kg
ASUS services : National joint insurance 2 year


It's not the same as the above configuration , The official standard configuration is 8G Memory ,1TB Mechanical hard disk ,7499 element
After I talked to the boss , plus 8G Memory (400 element ),1TB Mechanical keyboard replacement 512
SSD Solid state drive (1200 element ), primary 1TB a discount 200 element . Then the shop is full 6999 Yuan minus 50 element , So the final price :

7499+400+(1200-200)-50 = 8849 element ( Shunfeng package )

PS: I had my eye on it Asus/ ASUS UX501VW 6700
ZenBook Of , But that one needs 11299 element , Compared with my hands-on configuration : processor , Memory , Solid state hard disk as like as two peas . One more 4K screen , And then the fuselage is a little thinner ( No drive ), But the price difference 2450 element , I can buy another screen for this difference , And now a lot of software 4K Screen support is not very good ..( Witty as I am )

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