Price and advantages of tenofovir II


Display according to data , As the first-line medication of hepatitis B , Use tenofovir ( Viread ) Eight years of treatment , Yes 98% Of HBeAg Positive patients and 99.6% Of HbeAg Negative patients achieved virological response , And there was no resistance . But the drug is not perfect , As each piece 300mg Preparation of , In the process of long-term treatment , Some patients may have renal injury and osteoporosis . And because of the age of hepatitis B patients , More and more complications . Show in a statistic , In the general group of chronic hepatitis B , The incidence rate of chronic kidney disease has reached as high as 7% about ,65 The incidence rate of patients over the age of 7 has reached the level. 20%, hypertension + Diabetes is amazing 25%. Because hepatitis B patients need long-term medication , Therefore, there must be more stringent requirements for drug safety .

That's it , The second generation of tenofovir TAF Officially launched last year . As an upgrade to tenofovir , Each piece only 25mg. And it has been confirmed that tenofovir alone 1/10 A similar effect can be achieved at a dose of . also TAF Higher stability in plasma , Compared with tenofovir, it can reach liver cells more effectively . therefore 25mg Of TAF Can be reached 300mg The therapeutic effect of tenofovir . meanwhile , The results also show that , Change from Novartis TAF Of patients , Problems with bones and kidneys have improved .

Tenofovir's second generation U.S. factory approach 7000 RMB one box . Not for ordinary people . India MYLAN Pharmaceutical is authorized by Gilead , The second generation of tenofovir is named HEPBEST, The price of domestic regular institutions is 400 element / Bottle left and right , One bottle per month , The price is lower than that of the first generation in China .

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