More than ten years as a programmer , There's no plan to stop and write code yet , From being scolded all day to being able to lead a team project independently , Every time I remember it, I remember it , Sometimes a technical seminar will be held as talking materials to make a big talk , Programming has been integrated into the bone marrow, and it's hard to give up , It's not too young , Although many people in the outside world say that programmers are young people's jobs , Need to transform into management as soon as possible , But every time I see the code, I still feel itchy , So I made a balance , Not only technical management, but also continue to write code on the front line to solve the problem .

This choice also led to a lot of criticism , At least the boss of the company thinks that at this age, he can use his knowledge of technology to expand his business ability , To build a full range of high-quality talents , In fact, there is also the idea of going to the market to test the water , I really tried , But it didn't work out very well several times , And lost some orders , How generous the boss is , This is the only way in life , There is still a big difference between the technology and the market , It is easy to expose the essence of their own technicians in the negotiation process , Any career needs to accumulate at least 10000 hours to take root , This is what Lei Jun mentioned in a speech , There is no long buffer period for transfer , It's hard to get there in one step , But many technicians of their own age are on the way of transformation , Now let's talk about some personal experiences , If one day I don't want to be a programmer , What else can I do .

1. Can do technical training

The major of the university is planning , Or normal , It's also a matter of following your parents' instructions , I want to be a computer teacher after graduation , Very stable , Learning to find computers in college is really interesting , Why not develop in the direction of programming , As a result, I began to learn the basics of programming by adding code , Start Beipiao's career before it's necessary , It's been floating for almost ten years , From the heart, I still don't want to spend my whole life in the first tier cities , Choosing to go back to the third tier city is a new challenge and start , Now the threshold for getting started with software has risen a lot compared with a decade ago , Too many people need training. It seems easier to find a job , In fact, this is a sign of industry progress , But now many organizations are exaggerating , A complete zero base can be directly transferred to famous enterprises and so on .

But now the pre employment training is the general trend , It's a good choice to enter the industry with the experience of a programmer , At least have practical project experience and do some theoretical training , Together, the competitiveness will be greatly improved , In reality, there are many programmers who directly switch to the training field , Of course, it has to go through a certain process , After all, it's a process of adaptation to change from a do it yourself project to a language one , But it's better than switching to a new industry .


2. Do technology self media wholeheartedly

If you choose this road, it may be rough , After all, people who can support themselves through self media , The proportion is still poor , The job of self media is suitable for part-time job , Not suitable for full-time work , After all, the randomness is too great , The rules of the platform are changing all the time , Maybe any change can be dangerous , So it's not really potential or long-term accumulation. It's not recommended to develop in this direction , After all, the industry is too competitive .

And now we media have begun to mature , It's hard to hold on for a long time without considerable strength , Relatively speaking, the way to get the effect is relatively narrow . At present, there are many kinds of technical self media , The competition is also fierce , But the whole has not formed a real mature chain , If you feel that your writing and summing up ability is OK , And have original opinions on this field , You can try it for a while .

As far as I'm concerned, if I can't write code in that day , Would choose to stop and study the history of ancient classical Chinese , Explore the unknown secrets of history , Like to explore internal principles , This may also be a problem accumulated in long-term programming , Like to study some unknown fields , Ancient history is a very good one , Research direction , Of course, there's no economic benefit , It's just for fun .

If the profession of programmer is recognized from the heart , You can play for a lifetime , In case of insufficient energy , Can release their own experience .

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