The first 12 stage  FineBI Data visualization analysis selection   The end of the activity , The theme of this issue is “NBA Data visualization analysis ”


The data set provided contains data from the last century 90 From the beginning of the year 16-17 competition season , include NBA All players , The regular season of the team , Playoff Stats , Salary data of players in each season, etc .


The key analysis that users need to do is as follows :


1, The worst playoffs

2, Salary analysis

3, Player data analysis

4, Strongest team analysis

5, Other creative analysis ( Free play , Related to this topic )


Eventually 8 Sweet potato submitted works , And vote through the majority of users , Selected the top three outstanding works , Master brother, let's take a look at these excellent visual analysis masterpieces !




Champion works


user name : Fengcheng





Runner up works


user name : Xiaoliang





Third place works


user name : Fortunately 1995





Other works


user name : Big tail Penguin



user name : Black rabbit



user name : Xiaoxin song  



user name : Zhang Hongwei



user name :ashuweiwen



Learning materials related to data analysis , I've sorted it out before 10G Learning materials of , Include tools tutorial , Report template and business scenario application case , Friends who need to forward this article , private letter “ Data package ” obtain .

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