5 month 31 day , Zhang Zetian shared his fitness photo on foreign social platforms :“ It seems to be working ? Fitness is the only thing that works if you stick to it . Only the body can't cheat itself ~ Come on ,be

   In the picture , Zhang Zetian raises barbell with both hands , Good shape , Full of energy , It seems that we should keep fit for a while .

   before , She also showed the results of her boxing practice , Parallel text “ Boxing in the morning , Today, I practice a little more left swing ”, And I brought it “ It's never too late to learn ” The topic of .

   In the picture , Zhang Zetian clenches his fist and holds his boxing gloves , The blue tendons on the hands are particularly obvious , The joint is bruised, swollen and bleeding due to excessive force , It's a little shocking against the background of white skin , See the input in practice .

   See Zhang Zetian's hands , Some netizens joked , Liu qiangdong looks at it and shivers .

   Liu qiangdong after Mingzhou storm , Last year, it was reported that , Zhang Zetian goes to Cambridge, UK for further study .

   Zhang Zetian 1993 year 11 month 18 Sunrise in Nanjing, Jiangsu ,2009 year 12 Yue became popular with a picture of a milk tea in her hand , go by the name of “ Milky tea sister ”,2011
In “ Excellent students in foreign language middle school ” I was admitted to Tsinghua University , During that time, he went to Columbia University to exchange , And joined Microsoft as an intern Bing team .

   During my stay in Columbia , Zhang Zetian got to know Liu qiangdong who was on a tour at that time .2014 At the beginning of the year, the relationship between the two sides was exposed ,2015 year 8 Monthly marriage with license ,2016 year 3 The moon is full of happiness .

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