In a twinkling of an eye , I haven't updated my blog for two months , Update the original plan at least every five months , But the plan can't keep up with the change . Because I changed my job some time ago , So during this period, I have been adapting to the new company , Work late every day , Plus, it's a long way to work , I don't want to do anything anymore when I get home . During this period, some new knowledge points were indeed exposed , I've always wanted to record these things , But it never happened , People are used to letting go of themselves , I'm no exception .


In fact, in the past two months , Some subtle changes have taken place in personal mentality , In the past, I always set goals for myself ,
And then I'll collapse myself too tight , Always in a state of high concentration and tension , In this case, some results can be produced , But it's not necessarily a good thing , after all , Human energy is limited . Once this state has reached a tolerable threshold , It's easy to crush a person , the loss outweighs the gain . also , If you always follow the established route , Never tolerate any deviation , Then it will eventually become “ Programming ”, Become extremely “ fragile ”, stay 《 Anti vulnerability 》 This is specifically mentioned in a book . One's best state is to be flexible , Be flexible , Can adapt quickly in any environment .


When I realized that , First of all, gradually adjust the mentality , Gradually put down a lot of things that originally let themselves bear weight , The goal is to be more flexible , Able to go light . Secondly, some changes have been made in behavior , I like reading , But before that, I loved paper books , Imagine it : On a sunny afternoon , Make a cup of tea , Holding a book full of books , Scan a line of text with leisurely eyes , Slide your fingertips across every soft page , What a pleasant thing . But as the work schedule changes , Nearly three hours are spent commuting every day , There's not much time to read . So it's easy to N Try to read e-books , Fortunately, this time, I finally stuck to it , And it brings new surprises , Reading e-books is more efficient , Start anywhere, anytime , You can watch at least one hour on the bus every day , Make up for this boring time , But in this condition reading must learn to shield the influence of the surrounding environment , Just get used to it .

I understand through this : There are many things that we can't do , Or it can't be changed , Maybe it's just that the pain is not big enough , Or not enough to make you realize how important it is .
therefore , One point is crucial , That's self-discipline . Whatever you do , This is the first premise .


What happens next , I'm going to keep going as planned ,
Update new knowledge points learned from time to time , On the one hand, it is a summary of myself , on the other hand , Hope to be able to provide some reference for some beginners , Writing may not be very professional , But I will correct the loopholes in time . I hope we all do what we like , Because interest is the best teacher , It can drive us forward .

come on. !
To every one of you who fight for yourself or others ~

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