I often have private letters from my friends “ Qingge, Qingge , I'm not from Coban , Transferred , Zero basis of computer , I don't know anything , Is it OK to learn computer ? I don't know anything about computer foundation , Like what operating system , The principle of computer composition , What are the data structures and algorithms , Completely ignorant , what to do ?”

This is a problem of basic computer knowledge , So these won't , Does it affect your learning of programming ? The answer is that it doesn't stop you from learning to program , But how far can you go in the future , How deep to learn !

What do you mean , It's like this :“ Qingge , I'm not good at math and English , Can I learn programming ?” The answer is yes , So what's the impact ?

So to speak , For example, you will find a job in programming , If you make ten thousand a month, you will be satisfied , So what mathematics , No English, no English , But if you don't make 10000 a month , And making a bottom-level coder , Want a higher monthly salary or more power , So English and math can definitely be your boosters !

You know what !

Let's go back to the basics of computer , Is this knowledge important ? Of course, it's important , But the same , What you don't know or know is just a lost word , It's like math can add, subtract, multiply, divide , Understand basic concepts , Can speak English “how
are you”, That's nothing , You can still learn programming happily , But in that case , The upper limit you can reach is relatively low , Want to break through again , Then these things are likely to become your bottleneck .

If we use a cup to express the amount of programming knowledge we have , Like this :

at first , If these foundations , Mathematics , English or something , You know nothing , So the maximum amount of knowledge you can acquire is the total amount of the above cup , When you want to break through , It's going to be a bottleneck , That is, you can't put in so much knowledge ( You don't understand , be unable to learn how to do sth. ), So if that's the case , Then your development is limited , How to break through ?

By this time , What can help you break through may be these computer foundations , Mathematics , English wait , of course , And others , What's important to our programmers , As for cognition , It's a person who wants to grow , It's all necessary .

How to expand our capacity cup ?

Although my drawing is more abstract , But enough to explain the problem , in other words , You want to break through the upper and lower limits of your knowledge capacity cup , Basic computer knowledge can help you !

A lot of people say that when they get here , I'm not a Coban , Computer foundation is nothing , Isn't it over , There's no future ?

Look at you , That's to say that you're not a good student , I don't want to learn , And I'll tell you , Today's Keban is not Keban's , This one doesn't make much difference , You read more books on this for two days , You know more than many of the so-called Cobain , It's just this thing , You need to really understand , Otherwise, it's useless for your actual programming .

in other words , The computer foundation of many scientific classes is also poor , Another thing to tell you , Most programmers are not good at English or math , This is the truth , therefore , A lot of people will tell you , Learn to program , You need to learn mathematics , Learning English , That's because they've discovered that this is a bottleneck in their actual programming career , Computer foundation , Mathematics , Learn English well , It helps you a lot !

But you may be confused , Why are so many people so bad , Let's talk about my opinion , First of all, whether it's computer foundation , Mathematics or English , Want to learn more , It's hard , Difficult to understand and apply , In addition, computer foundation as a branch must , Why is most of it bad , Except for the difficulties , And then there's the basics of computers, which are boring , I have no energy to learn , What's more, many teachers talk about hypnotic music , ha-ha , It's gone. It's gone

Said so much , I just want to tell you , Computer foundation is really super important , How to learn ? You have to learn from brother Qing , ha-ha !

okay , So what is the basic computer knowledge we often talk about ? It's not like math is math , English is English , But many people know the basics of computers , So what does computer foundation include ?

When it comes to Computer Basics , Many people should talk about the principle of computer composition , Operating system , Computer network, etc , Are these right ? Actually, I don't think it's a problem , But it's not accurate enough , To be precise, these should be the basis of Computer Science , These are the courses of science and Technology University , So , What is the basic knowledge of computer science !

Fundamentals of Computer Science :

1, Principle of computer composition

2, computer network

3, Principle of computer composition ( It's repeated )

4, operating system

5, software engineering

6, Design pattern

7, database

8, Data structure and algorithm

9, Compilation principle

10, assembly


That's about it , Of course, because my knowledge is not wide enough , So it's not comprehensive enough , But it's not bad , It's also the main basis of computer science .

And then we'll talk about computer basics , In fact, in most people's eyes, the basis of computer science is the basis of computer science , It's not a big problem for a programmer , But for those who are really computer Xiaobai , It's a little professional , For them , It may also include something about the use of computers , How to install some software , Why is it installed like this , Or the basic operation of some computers , It's about the popularization of common sense knowledge or operation of computers !

If you want to get closer to the foundation of Computer Science , Maybe to understand what memory is , What is CPU ah , What's the use of these things , This belongs to the principle of computer composition , In fact, you will find out in the end , Many knowledge points are connected !

For this knowledge , Whether you are studying Java still Python, Whether it's the front end or the back end , As long as you're a programmer , Coded , Programming , This knowledge is all you need , Like I said before , It's going to get you through the bottle neck , A thing to expand the upper and lower limits of knowledge !

therefore , Great importance must be attached to housework ! So much for today ! I hope it works for you !

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